Bring Wet Hot American Summer 2 Back to the Poconos!

Chat alert! Chat alert!

We haven’t done one of these in a while, so I figured a pre-Oscars chat would be a good time to get one in. It’s going to be Friday, Feb. 24 at 11 a.m. We’ll be talking all things Oscar, winter TV and since it’ll be on a Friday and I won’t be able to do the usual local links, the best in Poconos nightlife. Or, anything that comes up. And trust me, this isn’t the last you’ll hear about it. Prepare to be beaten over the head with it until you have no choice but to show up and hang out for an hour or two.

Wednesday links:

only three people are allowed to look at this. me, myself and i.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If there is a Wet Hot American Summer 2 in the works, it better be taking place around here. Forget about the fact that this is where the first one was filmed (Honesdale, but the Poconos nonetheless). Forget about the fact that this is the unofficial Summer Camp Capital of the World. The biggest reason the sequel to the star-studded Wet Hot American Summer belongs here is because we should have been recruiting this movie for the past year since it’s been announced as kinda-sorta-maybe happening. Hopefully since then, people have been bugging the crap out of Michael Showalter to bring the movie production back to the Poconos since now its more kinda-sorta-maybe happening. It’s a no-brainer. In fact, you know what? I’m starting an online petition — Bring Wet Hot American Summer 2 Back to the Poconos. OK? OK! Sign it, sign it! My prediction? 10 signatures by the end of the month. Hells yeah! If that doesn’t get the movie here, nothing will! I actually have a little bit of info concerning the whole situation that I’ll reveal tomorrow. Don’t hold your breath — it’s not an interview with Paul Rudd or anything. But I did find out a little bit of inside info I’ll be sharing tomorrow. In the meantime, sign that petition!

save annie's boobs!

There are plenty of people to go around in the Community universe — losing one isn’t going to disturb the balance of the show. In fact, it’s probably going to be funny when it happens. Perhaps a little distasteful and awkward if they do it in any possible paintball episode, but funny nonetheless. I don’t want it to be Magnitude, Annie’s Boobs or Lester. I’m cool with it being anyone else. I’m staring at John Goodman’s HVAC repair dean guy. That gets Troy back in the study group fold and relinquishes Goodman from a one-year arc. Bing, bang, boom, nice and clean. I’m much more concerned with it coming back for a fourth season or even finishing out its third season. Although the Thursday ratings minus Community have been as bad or worse without it around, so maybe being off the air has actually helped its position to come back for another year.

Look at that, LCD Americans, you’ve gotten your wish. Michael Bay looks like he will be directing Tranny 4, which is already slated to come out June 29, 2014. If the world doesn’t end in 2012, the Mayans can easily fall back on the reasoning, “When we started making calendars, no one could have predicted there would be a Transformers 4. Perhaps our forefathers thought it would come out in 2012, and that’s why they stopped making calendars then. But obviously, with it not coming out until 2014, that’s when the world will end. With any luck, it will be the day before the movie comes out.”

Harrah’s used to be my favorite Atlantic City casino, and the Pool at Harrah’s used to be my favorite part of the casino. Neither of those statements apply any longer. Thanks a bunch, Jersey Shore.

"so, umm, which way to tennessee? never been."

Is it just me or is the Bonnaroo lineup getting more and more commercial? These are the kinds of things that happen when you get popular and have the opportunity to make people money. You get agents and management saying things like, “You want Phish? Then you’re taking Alice Cooper, even though roughly seven of the 200,000 people that will be there know him” or “Sure, there will be 43 people in the crowd who won’t fully expect John Stamos to be in the Beach Boys.” There are still a good amount of good indie bands, but go back and check out the lineup from 2007, just five years ago. Find me an Alice Cooper or Beach Boys on that bill. And no, the Police don’t count since Sting is still pretty relevent. If you were looking for the actually weekend of jam music like the festival started out as, the 2002 lineup was probably the last time you saw that. It ain’t never coming back.

Still haven’t gotten a chance to watch Key and Peele, but Comedy Central is paying attention. It renewed the show for a second season after seeing ratings for just two episodes. Comedy Central has been on a pretty big run after some epic fails. South Park is still one of the highest rated shows on cable, Tosh.0 has somehow captured the Internet video thing when about 10 other shows failed trying to do that to become one of cable’s biggest surprises, bringing futurama back has been a success, Workaholics is freakin’ hysterical and now Key and Peele is continuing that streak.

Not sure what more I can say about The Simpsons at this point that I or about 7 zillion other peope already have said as it closes in on its 500th (!) episode airing Sunday. It’s just incredible. It’s hard to imagine another scripted TV show ever getting to 500 episodes ever again. Just in case you’re wondering about two other cartoons that seem like they have been on forever — South Park is at 220 episodes and Family Guy just aired its 178th episode last week. That’s a long way to go. The Simpsons is an American institution to be marveled at.

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