The Trouble with Taking Six Years to Finish a Movie

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There’s been a Trouble with Cali sighting! There’s been a Trouble with Cali sighting! The movie, shot partly in the Poconos by Gilbert resident Paul Sorvino in 2006, is finally hitting the (kinda) big screen when it premieres at the Sedona Film Festival this week. If you don’t know that much about it, local AP reporter (and closet PopRox reader who hates that I don’t get to watch Southland anymore) Mike Rubinkam does a great job of going through the movie’s troubled/tortured history. Monroe County is off the hook in this, luckily, though it could have been bad. Whether Sorvino came to the commissioners or not, I don’t know. What I do know is they didn’t give him a dime, smartly. Having the cojones to ask a local government to fund a movie is beyond egotistical. For them actually to fund it is waaaaaaayyyyy past foolhardy. Let’s all be thankful we’re off the hook out here.

oh, don, you'll be the death of us all!

When Jon Hamm comes to town, does he ride in on one of those big presidential campaign buses, only this one is called the Spoiler Tour? What won’t he give away for this season of Mad Men? Although he is being frustratingly vague, which goes to show you that he’s not some weirdo just letting stuff fly, every little tidbit he gives off is calculated and tantalizing. Damn you, Jon Hamm. Your charm makes us want to know just what the frigg you’re talking about, and whether Don and Joanie have ever done it. My guess is they have, since, you know, Joanie is a woman in New York City and all, and Don seems to have gone through them all.

It always seems like the second we hear anything bad about the state of Hollywood economics, there is always good new around the corner. Like this weekend, the second consecutive weekend where at least four movies made $20 million or more, and when Monday’s holiday receipts are totaled, there’s going to be another (This Means War, which I like to playfully call, This Means Death If I Ever Have to Watch It. Zing!). Hollywood is going to be just fine, thanks. There will always be movies people want to see. Even if one of them is Ghost Rider, so be it.  

from playboy to snl in three months. well played!

Is this the best idea, really? Lindsay Lohan hosting SNL is going to be the type of the Internet before, during and after her appearance. It might finally break the Internet, actually. Like, tear it in two. It’s exactly the kind of exposure SNL lives off. But isn’t this potentially damaging to Lohan’s sobriety and life in general? From everything you hear and read about SNL, it’s pretty much a one-week boozefest. The after-show parties are legendary — but sometimes in a bad way. Just ask Chris Farley. Hopefully Lohan will have some kind of support system around her to make sure there is no relapse. And hopefully SNL did its homework to make sure she can handle that kind of pressure at this point in her life. Otherwise, it’s villainous in exploiting her life, situation and tabloid prowess to get some cheap ratings. And that’s before we’ve even talked about the quality of the product she’s able to put out on the show. Just seems like it had Bad Idea Jeans written all over it.

Those who have missed The Colbert Report, buck up. It’s back tonight after Colbert took a week-long break, apparently to tend to his mom. Colbert has never done it for me, not even when he was on Daily Show, but I can see why people want to lay down at his altar. His charm and wit almost always comes right through the screen. I don’t watch either Daily Show or Colbert Report anymore, a far cry from when I went to a Daily Show taping in like 2001. But I can usually focus on Daily Show for longer than I can take Colbert.

Good for NBC. After getting a great result out of putting Smash OnDemand and online a couple weeks before it premiered, now it’s putting its other big-time winter premiere Awake online two weeks before it premieres. Looks like it’s not OnDemand though. There probably have been other shows, but the two shows I remember doing that this season are New Girl and Smash — and both had huge returns premiering it before the actual premiere date in some kind of different medium. NBC needs to do anything it can to get eyeballs, at least it’s trying different approaches to see if it can actually happen.

My brother Mark sent this to me the other day, about how kids music will kill your music judgement. And every word of it is true. For the first two years of my 3.5 year-old’s life, the music we put on the car for her was crap. My ears bled on a daily basis, but it kept her quiet so you make those kinds of sacrifices. Luckily she was pretty tolerant of mommy and daddy’s music, so we could get away with some good rock and Glee soundtracks. Then when she was about 2, we started her on a steady diet of Laurie Berkner. After the crap she liked before, hearing Laurie Bernker is like hearing the voice of God. It’s so far ahead everything else in the kids music genre it’s not even funny. My wife and I actually had a conversation of whether Berkner could make it as an adult musician. But of course she can’t! That’s why she’s a kids musician! That’s what kids music does to you. You listen to it so much you actually start to believe it’s real music. It isn’t. Don’t ever forget that, parents. This is probably a good place to mention I interviewed Laurie Berkner a couple years ago before she played a show at Mountain Laurel. Screwing around, I asked if she had any groupies. Ba ha ha, I’m so funny. Expect Berkner was totally cool playing around with it and gave me the total truth that she did have groupies — single moms. Apparently she gets a lot of post-show offers from single moms. Now you know.

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