Courtney Love, Hunger Games, The Dude and More

Make sure you enter the contest to win tickets to the Marky Ramone concert! I’ve got two to give away.

Also, I made a mistake Monday by saying the Stroudsburg St. Patrick’s Day Parade is Sunday. It’s not. It’s March 25. I endorsed that idea a couple years ago of just being the latest St. Pat’s parade around, the weather is always better, people are in a better mood, etc. So I’m glad it’s actually is March 25.

Some Wednesday links:

UPDATE, 3:50 P.M.: CBS announced this afternoon that most of its primetime schedule will be coming back next year — including bubble candidates like The Good Wife and Blue Bloods. Good news for them, bad news for the shows that didn’t get the pick-up announcement: CSIs: Miami and NY, Unforgettable, A Gifted Man, Rules of Engagement and Rob. No shock if we lose any of them. But there is one show conspicuously absent from the list of pick-ups that could cause a stir — 2.5 Men. CBS did specifically mention, however, that it is in negotiations to bring the show back, I’d imagine with Ashton Kutcher in tow.

this is in sideshow bob voice: "uuuuuuuhhhhhh"

Courtney Love — sad or funny? You decide! It’s a surprisingly tough question. You want to feel bad for her, kinda. You also want to laugh at her, kinda. Today it’s gotta be leaning more toward laughing, right? She first tries to play on our emotions by playing the poor, dead husband card, then she almost immediately does something

But then we realize it’s really about either:

1. Her ego that she wasn’t asked for permission to use Smells Like Teen Spirit in The Muppets (gawd, SPOILER!!!) even though it certainly appears there was no legal requirement for her to be asked, and something tells me people go out of their way to avoid unnecessary conversations with Love, or

2. Her wallet that she wasn’t paid for use of the song. Even though once again it seems like there was no legal requirement to do so.

Maybe, just maybe, Love isn’t getting enough credit. Maybe she actually is worried about her husband’s legacy and his biggest hit. Maybe she … I almost made it. I almost got all that out with a straight face! I thought I could make it.

it's gonna be huge, and not many people realize it yet

Don’t be the last kid on your block to realize Hunger Games is going to make a poopload of money. It’s a given at this point. You’re looking in the area of around $100 million, and I think that’s being a little conservative. So when you wake up on March 26 and people are all like, “Wow, I can’t believe Hunger Games made $120 million, no one saw that coming!” you can say, “Yeah, I told you last Thursday that was going to happen.” You’re welcome.

Yes, I’m aware the summer 2012 movie season is still two months away. I know this. But I was already worried about the summer 2013 movie slate, because it was looking as boring as all giddy-up. Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and Wolverine were there for the comic book geeks, Pixar goes sequel with Monsters University, Despicable Me 2 is there, Lone Ranger is around and there’s the Star Trek sequel.  That’s what you have to be excited about. Can anyone really get excited crazy about that when this summer has Avengers, Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises and Bourne 4? The second tier of sequels — Red 2, Smurfs 2, Grown Ups 2, Fast and the Furious 6 — is even worse. I was planning on being really bored by the summer of 2013’s movies. I still do, but at least it got some needed infusion yesterday when World War Z was moved to June 2013. The Brad Pitt zombie movie was one of about a dozen movies I was looking forward to this year, and now it gives next summer a little bit more credibility. The announcement also came down yesterday that the uncalled for, unwanted Robocop remake would be out in August 2013, fitting it in with the rest of the crap the studios are dumping on us that summer.

old man said i could have any rug in the house.

Quick! What movie do you remember Jeff Bridges from! Like, if you saw him in an airport and you were waiting in line together, what movie would you say, “I loved you in ________.” It’s not the movie that won him an Oscar (Crazy Heart). Or the five other movies that got him Oscar nominations. Or the movie that made $300 million less than four years ago (Iron Man). Nope. It’s the movie that made $17.5 million — Big Lebowski. Does this make Bridges mad? Like it makes other actors mad who would get pissed off and say “You know, I made other movies”? You know, like the Coens, who rarely discuss Lebowski in interviews? Nope. Instead of shirking it, Bridges does what he should be doing — making money off it. He’s now coming out with a book that probably has nothing to do with Lebowski, but contains “The Dude” in the title, so he’s obviously trying to trick some Lebowski fans into reading it. More power to him. You know how many times he’s had to deal with those airport conversations? Probably somewhere close to a zillion. So if instead of being annoyed by it he’d like to embrace one of the coolest movies and movie roles that’s ever been written, fine by me. PopRox abides. OK, that was pretty stupid. Sorry about that. Hopefully this makes up for it:

And now, in news you hoped you’d never hear, E! has announced its new reality show about the Eastwoods — as in Clint Eastwood — will premiere in May. Hopefully Clint stayed as far away from this as humanly possible. You think Bridges of Madison County tarnished his reputation as a tough guy? Wait til his daughters are yelling at him for leaving the toilet seat up. This just has bad idea written all over it.

get those agents working!

Don’t you love it when you hear about people shooting down rumors that you never heard? Always makes me feel something in between “out of the loop” and “massive ego about nothing” concerning the guy shooting down the rumor. Right now, that’s Ed Helms, who may or may not have started the rumor himself that he was supposed to be taking over the Clark Griswold-type role in the new version of the Vacation franchise. Even though a couple weeks ago the new writers said the direction would be Rusty taking over the family vacation duties and three of the known actors who played Rusty — Anthony Michael Hall, Johnny Galecki and Ethan Embry — are probably the perfect age to reprise the role. OK, Hall is a little too old and Embry a little too unknown. But Galecki? Hows come his people aren’t pushing it? You would think he’s got enough Big Bang Theory cred to get his name in the mix, right? And wouldn’t the new Vacation producers at least want to consider Galecki? He’d be way cheaper than someone like Helms. There would be the instant credibility for original Vacation fans (Christmas or otherwise). It opens up a world of possibilities story-wise to call back to the original franchise. Like when Galecki’s Rusty, on his way to Wally World, stops in Kansas to visit now-crazy Audrey, still played by Juliette Lewis, on her farm. They can even say Audrey inherited the farm as long as Cousin Eddie — now an invalid — was allowed to live in the attic. This thing is writing itself!

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