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The Goonies ‘R’ Still Good Enough

Last blog for the next week. I’m on vacation next week, I’ll be back July 2 — just in time to start a contest to win two tickets to the midnight premiere of Dark Knight Rises at the Pocono Community Theater on July 19. Speaking of the Pocono Community Theater, the revival series hits a [...]

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The Risk of The Amazing Spider-Man

(This is an extended preview of the PopRox column in Sunday’s Pocono Record, kinda like tonight’s preview of the season premiere of Wilfred on FX). When The Amazing Spider-Man premieres in theaters July 3, it represents one of the biggest risks in Hollywood history. Sony, the studio behind the first three Spider-Man movies, decided to trash [...]

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New Dark Knight Trailer, the Return of Daria and Another New Trailer That Might Interest You

Felt like posting a lot of video today, enjoy. Sorry if it takes a while to load on your phone. Dammit, MTV! That’s dirty pool! After bringing back new episodes of Beavis and Butthead last year, you shouldn’t put out press releases saying how you’re bringing back Daria. People immediately assume you’re making new episodes [...]

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Counting Down to Breaking Bad, Wilfred and the End of Adam Sandler’s Career

Let’s see if we can keep this a little shorter than usual, I’m kinda pressed for time: Not gonna lie — I smiled when That’s My Boy tanked. Adam Sandler seems like a nice enough guy, and I shouldn’t want him to fail … yet I do. His movies are crap, and it’s a slap in the [...]

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Pocono Weekend Fun Guide, the Return of Dallas and Our First Breaking Bad Promo

Not a whole lot going on this weekend, but let’s him some quick local links then go all world after: Warrior Dash this weekend at the Pocono Raceway puts us about halfway through the amazing summer of extreme race events in the Poconos this year. It was the first nationally touring, crazy-extreme race that committed to the [...]

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Someone Needs to Let Me Pick an 80s Movie Soundtrack

Links for a beauteous Wednesday: RIP, Tie-Dye Dave. That just sucks. In the 90s, and early 2000s, I thought it was going to be soooo supercoolawesome when people finally started making 80s nostalgia pieces. I was getting quite sick of the 60s and 70s nostalgia/homage movies, and knew it was only a matter of time before [...]

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Last Call for Ziggy Marley Tickets!

Here’s your friendly reminder: The deadline to enter to win the Ziggy Marley tickets for his show at Mount Laurel PAC is TOMORROW. As in, coming up in just a day. The show is Friday.   So if you want to get in on the action, here’s how you enter, as normal PopRox contest rules and [...]

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Cashing in on Some Mad Men Season Five Bets

As has been the case a couple times in the last few months, we’re in All Mad Men Monday mode. If that doesn’t interest you, see ya later this week, no hard feelings. But after what was another super exceptional season of TV’s best show, I can’t help but break down some of the prop bets [...]

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Your Pocono (400) Weekend Fun Guide

On my early morning way into work yesterday, in the haze of said early morning, I almost got run off the road by two different RVs and clipped by another camper on 380. “What the frigg???” I kept muttering to myself, as yet another behemoth raced by me, burning gas like they could find it on the side [...]

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Adam Sandler Movies = Unfunny

(This is a preview of the PopRox column that appears in Sunday’s Pocono Record.) There is a Saturday Night Live alum whose movies have made the fourth-most money at the box office of any of his other former Saturday Night Live cast members. From 1998 up until last November, 12 of his 13 pure, live-action [...]

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