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Ziggy Marley, Ziggy Marley, Ziggy Marley.



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I’ve never seen the Critics Choice TV Awards, I don’t plan on watching them … but damn if they didn’t just open up my brain and pull out the best list of TV award nominees, like, ever. Pretty sure I said the same thing last year. Seriously, look at that list!!! Nominations for Community and Parks and Rec for best comedy? For Garret Dillahunt from Raising Hope for best actor? They got the wrong New Girl supporting actor (Max Greenfield as Schmidt over Jake Johnson as Nick), decided to ignore the amazing work Simpsons still does and heinously throw a nomination in the general direction of Anna Gunn as Skyler on Breaking Bad, but everything else is like a dream ballot. John Noble for Fringe! John Noble for Fringe! It might have been his least impressive year, but it’s about time he was recognized. And maybe this will kickstart the Giancarlo Esposito for best supporting actor Emmy campaign. If he doesn’t win it, I’ll be disappointed. If he doesn’t even get nominated, it will be a good reason to stop watching the Emmys.

watch out gwen, there's a lizard behind you that kinda looks like the miniature version of the matthew broderick godzilla!

The Spider-Man roller coaster continues. The whole reboot idea bummed me out, then I was reinvigorated when I started reading about it, was a little down on the trailers, and now that they’re starting to release some movie clips … I’m down again. This latest clip, probably the most revealing one we’ve seen so far, is pretty crappy. Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man looks like the one from the 70s movie of the week shows with Uncle Ted. It’s distressing. Maybe we should have been asking more the first time around, “Hey, how did Tobey Maguire get this good at being Spider-Man so quickly?” but it’s probably because we don’t want to see Spider-Man putzing around too much. We want him ready for action. Still do. So if this is the Spider-Man we’re going to be seeing … I’m a little worried. The clip they showed on The Tonight Show last night isn’t much better. If you wanna see it, FF to the 3:48 mark to avoid the scourge known as Jay Leno.

The good news is Warner Bros. didn’t rush its initial Justice League idea to get it done before the writers’ strike, as was the original plan. The bad news is the studio is now deciding this is the best time to get a Justice League movie going hot and heavy, which, not coincidentally, is one month after Marvel’s inferior version of Justice League, Avengers, is on track to be one of the biggest hits of all time. Didn’t Marvel just give us the perfect blueprint for how to get a movie like this done? A character introduction movie for each, then bring them together for one big movie? Nope, Warners is apparently going backwards, hitting up Justice League as Batman is ending, Green Lantern has failed and Flash and Wonder Woman haven’t even started — although Wonder Woman could be on the way. And who’s going to play Aquaman, Vincent Chase? The movie will be an absolute gold mine whenever it comes out. Warner Bros., just follow that Avengers blueprint and make sure it all comes together like you actually know what you’re doing.

channelling his inner johnny depp?

How can you not love John Mayer? He says hysterical things, then he grows up and takes responsibility for them. He guested on Chapelle’s Show. He had his own half-hour comedy special that was hysterical. Musically, he’s kinda like Ben Affleck in Jay and Silent Bob. “You’re like a child! What do I keep telling you? You gotta do the safe picture, then you do the art picture.” About 10 people have heard his John Mayer Trio album, but it’s an incredibly catchy piece of live music making. And now he comes off like a thinking man’s man not to give Taylor Swift the finger for her truly crappy break-up song about Mayer, but to give thought-out, introspective reasons about why the song, technically, sucks and why it was childish for Swift to make the song in the first place. You can argue that it was pretty childish for Mayer to get involved with the much-younger Swift in the first place, but we’ll give him a pass on that for now.

New Zealand for Thanksgiving? Sign me up! Somehow my name might get skipped off the guest list for the Hobbit world premiere though. That’s probably the only way I’ll be seeing this movie in the theaters, though. It just isn’t doing it for me, especially since my last memory of the series is the last half-hour that felt like two hours of Hobbit-on-Hobbit male love in Return of the King. I think my necks till hurts from looking down so much to check my watch.

don't worry, mark. you were why we watched sbtb. really, you were.

Wait, wait, wait, just hold on a minute here. Let’s all just take a breath and calm down. But did Mark-Paul Gosselaar … OK, hold on a second, I’m getting a little angry again … did Mark-Paul Gosselaar just say that Saved by the Bell wasn’t a good show? Well no shat dingus, that’s why we loved it! Because it was so bad! It was so bad, it was hysterical. We didn’t watch saying, “What’s Mr. Belding gonna say next?!?!?!” we watched to make fun of whatever he was going to say. And Zack. And Screech. Yeah, just everyone. Apparently, even 20 years after graduation, poor Gosselaar still isn’t in on the joke. I don’t think this article is very accurate, either. Saved by the Bell lasted five seasons, spurred a bunch of copycats (please click on that link), a reboot, and a primetime sequel-type series and two (awful) primetime TV movies. And you’re going to say that it wasn’t popular??? I’m pretty sure all of those things means it was, in fact, extremely popular. But it wasn’t popular because it was as funny as The Office or something. It was popular because it was a bunch of pretty kids spouting some moderately, occasionally funny things but mostly reciting some of the worst lines that have ever been on TV. And that was funny. Or maybe someone actually thought this was funny for reals and not the most ridiculous, embarassing thing that’s ever aired on TV:

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