New Dark Knight Trailer, the Return of Daria and Another New Trailer That Might Interest You

Felt like posting a lot of video today, enjoy. Sorry if it takes a while to load on your phone.

you're standing on my neck.

Dammit, MTV! That’s dirty pool! After bringing back new episodes of Beavis and Butthead last year, you shouldn’t put out press releases saying how you’re bringing back Daria. People immediately assume you’re making new episodes of one of the funniest, crankiest, smarmiest TV shows of the 90s, and they start saying things like, “But baaaabbbbbbe!!!” in their heads. That’s not fair. OK, the show is coming back, yeah. But just in reruns for a couple weeks this summer as part of a this Retromania thing MTV is doing. Ahhhh, but there is good news with this. Or good speculation, at least. If you notice the schedule of these shows, they’re right around Comic-Con — the place where MTV announced Beavis and Butthead would come back for new episodes in the fall of 2011. MTV has been strangely mum about whether the boys will be back again in 2012. Maybe this is some kind of lead up? In related news, I hate MTV for calling 2004 “retro.”

One TV that does have a chance at coming back — CBS’s Unforgettable. Which is ironic now, since everyone already forgot it was even on this year. Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

This is probably a case of cooler — and smarter — heads prevailing, but Dumb and Dumber 2 is looking DOA after Jim Carrey decided to ditch the movie. The reason? He wasn’t getting support from the studio. Really Jim, no support? I can’t understand why since you haven’t had a legit comedy hit since Bruce Almighty in 2003, the original is 18 years old and the Farrelly Brothers haven’t come up with anything funny since the 90s. Gee, I wonder why there would be less than enthusiastic support? Must be some kind of evil plot against Canadians. Just so you know, I pronounced that “ah-GAINST” with a long “a” just to support Canadians in this heinous conspiracy.

What a great day for pop culture fails Sunday! First, the tank of That’s My Boy is completed, that would have been good enough. But then, the fail gods give us another gem when the season finale of The Killing is the 37th-highest-rated show of Sunday night on cable and almost definitely won’t be back next year. Couldn’t happen to a nicer show. I even tried — however slightly — to get back into the show this year, but I was too jaded by the travesty that was last year. It wasn’t even the breach of trust the show committed, but more the fact that it was forced down our throats as a great show when it really, really wasn’t. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

getting close to the end of fringe

NBC had a legit reason to release its schedule of fall premiere dates early. It has the Olympics this summer, and will be premiering two shows during those Olympics and two more right after it. So it needed a couple weeks’ head start. When Fox put its schedule out Monday? It was either jealous that NBC got an extra second of attention or was being a complete copycat to scratch out its own extra second of attention. Why not a little of both? Anyway, nothing too much of note with the schedule. Touch doesn’t come back until late October, Raising Hope not til October and Glee comes back a little early on Sept. 13. Fringe comes back on Sept. 28, and if you count out 13 weeks — the final season is 13 episodes — it would end the week before Christmas. But at least one week will be missed for the baseball playoffs, probably two. There most likely won’t be a new episode the day after Thanksgiving. If it then stops its fall run on Dec. 14, that gives the four final episodes the chance to run during February Sweeps before Fringe is off to that great alternate universe in the sky.

What’s got two computer screens and scored tickets to give away to the Dark Knight Rises premiere party at Pocono Community Theater on July 19? This blog! Keep your eyes peeled for the contest in the coming weeks, probably starting July 2. But that doesn’t mean I can’t start mentioning it to get you excited and to make sure you buy your tickets on the off chance you won’t win them from me. Good timing to announce that since the fourth and probably final Dark Knight Rises trailer came out Tuesday. We’re not hitting much new ground in this one, but I kinda have a feeling I see where this is going:

Act 1: Bane escapes from that airplane prison transport, Bruce and Selina start making with the kissy-face. Bane makes his way to Gotham and marks his territory by blowing up Heinz Field. It’s about time someone did!

Act 2: The climactic Bane-Batman fight, where Bane presumably leaves Batman for dead, thereby stealing his mask. I’m pretty sure there are a couple people left in Gotham who don’t know his true identity, so he’s going to need that back, my man.

Act 3: The Batman comeback, with that final Streets of Gotham fight. Does Springsteen get to sing the theme to that too? Batman wins, but is paralyzed and can’t do the superhero thing anymore. Which is fine by him since he traded up from Katie Holmes to Maggie Gyllenhaal to Anne Hathaway in seven years. I’d probably retire at that point too, unless I heard I had a shot at Tiffani Thiessen in the fourth one or something.

I’d like the trailer a lot more if there was more than, like, 10 seconds of new material. But there’s not. TRAILER GRADE: B-.

I’m hoping The Master doesn’t turn out like Black Swan — a movie I was dying to see, loved the trailers for and then after I saw it, I walked out of the theater wondering why I had been waiting that long. I’m loved The Master’s first “trailer” and the second trailer is even better, with more emphasis on Philip Seymour Hoffman as … whoever he is or is based on. But how long are we going to go on with the ruse of Hoffman only being a mystery man? He’s effing L. Ron Hubbard, we all know it! Just admit it, PTA, then we can all get on with our lives. Anyway, you might as well mark down Oscar nominations for Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix now. I’ll bet good money on both of them getting nominations.

One of the coolest interviews I ever did was with Weird Al Yankovic. It was a conference call with a bunch of reporters before a tour a couple years ago, he was coming to the Sherman. When a famous person does a conference call interview like that, they’re basically saying, “I don’t have the time to talk to every local yokel reporter, just put them all on the phone at the same time and I’ll suffer through it for an hour.” Suffice it to say, those conference calls are pretty freakin’ boring. The interview with Weird Al was made especially difficult because he is very, very intelligent. So when dumb idiot reporters ask him dumb, idiot reporter questions, he clams up and gives one-word BS answers. (I’d say the same exact thing about former Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina, who I covered in Baltimore for a couple years.) I must have listened to about 50 questions on that conference call, and exactly two got laughs from Weird Al — and both were mine. I still remember the two questions I asked him: “I saw UHF in the theater, do I get some kind of reward?” and “So exactly how long do I have to wait for a UHF sequel?” Yup, I’m a complete UHF cultist, and proud of it. I still can’t watch Jared Weaver come out to pitch the first inning without saying, quite audibly, “ARE YOU READY WEAV-UH!” I don’t hear the Bonanza theme song without humming it Stanley Spadowski-style. And I still wish Stanley would drop that pesky P. UHF is a classic example of a movie so bad its hysterical, only there are parts that are even funny in a classic sense. So it’s the best of both worlds. I’m strangely honored for it to get a spot in AV Club’s New Cult Canon along side two of my other five favorite 80s comedies — Clue and Real Genius. Midnight Madness, don’t worry. You’ll be there soon.

And for no other reason than I recognize its value to many of my trusted readers, not because I’m promoting it in any way, shape or form. Don’t say I never did anything for you …

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