The Goonies ‘R’ Still Good Enough

Last blog for the next week. I’m on vacation next week, I’ll be back July 2 — just in time to start a contest to win two tickets to the midnight premiere of Dark Knight Rises at the Pocono Community Theater on July 19.

you wanted to be a goonie too. admit it.

Speaking of the Pocono Community Theater, the revival series hits a Sadowski household staple, The Goonies, tomorrow for two shows at noon and 10 p.m. Some random thoughts on what is probably one of my 20 favorite movies:

It’s one of those movies where I remember the entire original experience. I saw it at the Viewmont Mall in Dickson City when I was 10, it was pouring outside when I saw it, and I saw it with three friends. I remember who they are, I just don’t feel like embarrassing them right now. Maybe later.

It holds up remarkably well. It’s dated by a couple of things — parents just leaving the kids all day, cops knowing all the kids, small things like that — but for the most part, it’s just as good now as it was 27 years ago. Better? Umm, no. We’ll stick with just as good.

I still wanna be a Goonie. Most of all, I wanna slide down that waterslide thing that leads them to Willie’s boat. I’d pay good money for that.

One thing that’s always bothered me is the things the kids immediately decide to tell the police and the reporter when they get rescued at the end. Think of all the things they went through, and the first thing they came up with? Data said the octopus (a deleted scene) and Andy went with walking the plank. Really, that was the worst? Not when the five-ton blocks of stone almost crushed you? Or when you got shot at? Multiple times? Or when you all almost fell into some kind of bottomless bit because you didn’t pay attention in piano class?

I’m not as big a fan of the Truffle Shuffle as most people are. And now that I have kids, holy crap I hope they never have to go through something like that. It’s amazing how your perspective changes when you have kids. Up until about four years ago, I’d laugh and laugh and laugh when I watched it. Now? “Maybe Mouth needs some time in a bullying class.”

Mouth lines that still crack me up: “And a bottle, of fettuccine, a 1981!!!” … “Reeeaaallll cheap” … the whole Spanish translation … “Wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t” … “Come on, Brand, slip her the tongue,” a line that gets used now in my family whenever one of my brothers kisses their wives.

Other lines that still crack me up: The entire Chunk hand-in-the-blender scene. “And … and … this was the worst.” … “You want your pepperoni, here, here’s your pepperoni.”

I can’t believe I’m going to mention Cyndi Lauper in this blog twice in one week, but when it comes to 80s movie songs being straight advertisements for their movies, two stick out like crazy — Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough and Nobody’s Fool from Caddyshack II.

You can understand the video being a commercial for the movie, that’s not a big deal. Everyone did that in the 80s. But to just randomly throw the title of the movie in the song for no good reason? Yeesh. That’s a little overboard, no? I should probably mention I just watched that video, like, six times. IS it just me or does Martha Plimpton look exactly the same now as she did when she was 15? I keep expecting Burt and Jimmy to pop out from under the ship or something and start bugging her. And look! There’s that mysterious octopus everyone keeps talking about!

Adding a couple quick ones (around 1 p.m.) for your Pocono Weekend Fun Guide:

one of the first comedians i followed

As a fan of stand-up comedy for as long as I can remember, Steven Wright is the first comedian where I thought, “He’s doing something totally different than anyone else.” (I wasn’t allowed to watch Raw when I was 10, so that’s why Eddie Murphy isn’t on that list.) When I got in to watching stand-up comedy in the mid-late-80s — HBO’s One Night Stand, Evening at the Improv on A&E, MTV’s Halh Hour Comedy Hour — everyone had pretty much fallen into the Seinfeld mode, did you ever notice stuff … strikes me a lot of people were doing that in those days. But Wright was the only famous comedian that I remember truly challenging his audience. Now people have copied him with edgier stuff (lookin’ at you, Mitch Hedberg, even from beyond the grave) so he seems pretty tame. But he was truly a comedy innovator.

I’ve been shilling for these Playboy model searches the last month, and this week is the culmination, the actual Playboy Golf tournament at Mount Airy. Can’t get there myself, feel free to email me some pics anytime and we’ll see if we can get a nice galley up on the PopRox Facebook page. If you wanna just hit the Playboy party on Saturday at Gypsies, you can do that too.

It’s up to you whether you’d think this would be cool or not. I’m on the fence, but I’m at least curious.

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