Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

All local Fridays are back, and looks like there already is enough going on next week to make sure we’ll make it two in a row:

i love google

Stroudsburg’s First Saturday thing is on, umm, Saturday. Too many sales and specials to list here, that’s what those cool link-y things are for. Some of the highlights:

The Living Room, the new coffee-house venue at the Sherman Theater, is holding probably its biggest event since it opened in the early part of the spring, a Trashion Show under the theme “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I know there are all kinds of “found” artists, who just take common, every day things, put it together in a certain way and call it art. Probably a lot of famous, rich people. But you know who I think about right off the bat? Nick Moore. I wonder if the Spirit of Columbus is sitting in someone’s art gallery right now? Tried to get this to start at the 2 min mark, to no avail. WordPress isn’t my friend today. But it’s Family Ties, for cripes sake! You can spare 13 minutes.

Main Street Jukebox is holding an art show from Rodrigo Fritz, the former owner of the Cheeky Monkey Coffee House. At least I’m guessing that’s him, sorry if it isn’t.

The Pocono Mountain Arts Group is holding its 66th annual Courthouse Square Art Show.

After the regular stuff finishes up, pretty safe to say the bars will have their fair share of people. Sarah Street keeps it going with the Christian Porter Band, Jock and Jill’s is starting a Mount Airy Casino contest, Siamsa has DJ Legit as it does every Saturday and Ciro’s has its normal Saturday specials. Good times all around in the downtown.

yellow optional. or just not recommended.

Here’s one I haven’t seen around in a while, a stop light party at Madd Anthony’s in Blakeslee on Saturday, with shirt colors reflecting your Facebook relationship status. If you’re not familiar with it, red shirts are for taken, green is good to go and yellow is the ubiquitous, “it’s complicated.” So why would anyone wear a yellow shirt? Here’s what girls are inadvertently saying to guys when they wear a yellow shirt: “I just might go home with you, but it’s gonna take some major work on your part, you’ll probably have to buy me at least six beers, and I’ll probably reject you a good three or four times before I finally say yes. Not like that tramp in the green Daisy Duke shirt over there.” There will be skidmarks on the ground from guys running from you. You might as well be wearing red, because yellow will be like guy repellent. And I already know what girls are thinking about guys in yellow shirts: “Dick! You’re considering cheating on your girlfriend?!?!?! I’d rather take a shot at breaking up that guy in the red muscle shirt, at least he’s a challenge!” So you might just want to go green or red and just bypass the whole yellow thing.

Flyin’ Blind Duo is over at the Trackside Station Grill in East Stroudsburg tonight. I’m curous to go just to see what kind of layout they have for a band, I can’t picture in my head where they could put one and have everyone be comfortable. But I’ve never been a spatial relations person, so I’m probably talking out my butt. And it’s only a duo, which means probably acoustic, so it’s probably a lot easier to fit. See, this is the problem with my personal policy of “stream of consciousness” when I’m writing this blog. Sometimes it’s actually interesting, funny stuff I’m thinking, most other times you get stuck reading it while I work something out in my head. Sorry. You know what? Just go see Flyin’ Blind tonight at Trackside. There.

I probably haven’t been paying attention, but I haven’t seemed to hear much from the Lounge lately, but the Bartonsville hangout inside the Comfort Inn is still kicking. They still do their Beach Party Friday nights, with its sand volleyball court and pool open to bar patrons. Never understood why more resorts around here didn’t do that. I know the pool is supposed to be for guests, but don’t you think you’d get more local traffic if you said, “Come to our bar, and you can swim in our pool.” They should, as long as someone is watching out for the really, really drunk people.

looking the part

Here’s my experience with The Beatles. When I was growing up, I hated them because my mom loved them. That’s what you do when you’re 7, you hate your parents music. It was a pretty passionate hate too. “What? We can’t turn the oldies station off because of Hey Jude so I can turn on KRZ to hear Matthew Wilder’s Breakin’ My Stride? Awww, mom! Not fair!” Yeah, it sounded like that. We’ve all got our things we’re ashamed of. I wouldn’t say now that I’m a huge Beatles fan — but I’ve come completely around and recognize they never made a bad song. Is there any other band you can say that about? Maybe some people who died young — there isn’t a bad song on either of Amy Winehouse’s two albums — but for a 20-year span The Beatles didn’t make one bad song. They’ve got some that don’t hold up today, but you certainly wouldn’t call them bad. So sorry, mom. I was pretty dumb. Almost forgot there was a reason I was on this topic — The Fab Four will be at The Mount on Saturday and the Bushkill venue is going with a 2 for 1 ticket deal. Sweet.

After happy hour (or during, I can’t really tell) Ashley Godshall takes the stage at the Sycamore Grille in Delaware Water Gap. Looks like she doesn’t get up to the Poconos that much, so if you’re a fan, you might wanna get out there.

Cinder Inn makes use of two of my favorite words tonight — “no cover.” Veronica and the gang have Freefall on stage for the no-cover gig. These aren’t my favorite words, but I’m sure it will interest someone else — “free birthday cake.” It’s one of the bartenders’ birthdays.

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