You Can’t Keep a Good Spider-Man Down

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if it was garfield the cat, would people still show up to see spider-man? that might be pushing it, but i say yes. yes they will.

There was never a question that another Spider-Man movie would succeed. At least I don’t think so. Was there? No, there wasn’t. But to get $140 million in the first week, that’s probably more than anyone thought would happen. for my money, it proves that Spider-Man’s popularity is the character, not the actor. I’m pretty sure you can walk outside your house, spit, and it would land on someone who could play Spider-Man to the tune of an $80 million opening weekend. But we’re definitely establishing a pecking order with comic book characters, especially in this age of reboots. Spider-Man and Batman are on top — people will go to see them anytime, anywhere. Superman might be 1A. The disappointing reboot isn’t because it was a bad movie. To me, it’s because the character isn’t as relatable as it was in the 50s or even the 70s. Hulk and X-Men are on the B-list. If there’s an F-list, that’s where Punisher is. In the next few years, it looks like we’ll find out where Fantastic Four and Daredevil fit on this list. For now, this is a Spidey-Batman world, they just allow us to live in it.

Hooray for Christopher Nolan! In this age of “never say never” rhetoric and back-and-forth BS, Nolan took the time to deficate on two rumors in one easy squat, saying what looks to be unequivocally that he won’t be doing any more Batman movies, and won’t be involved in any Justice League movies. That’s probably not going to stop an inevitable story in a year with headlines like, “Studio Source: Nolan Still Mulling Justice League Offer” or “Insider: Nolan May Do Another Batman,” but this seems pretty definitive to me. We’re going to see another Batman movie in our lifetime. And as Spider-Man proved this weekend, it could be pretty quickly. Remember when Batman Begins came out in 2005? We all said, “Geez, that was quick, the last Batman was eight years ago!” Spider-Man’s success this weekend means the acceptable window is down to five years between reboots. Not saying we’ll be getting a new Batman movie in 2017, I’d imagine there would probably be a Justice League movie around then. That would introduce a new Batman that will lead in to a Batman reboot. So, say for 2019 or so, that’s when we’ll get the next Batman movie that will start everything over again.

ya gotta be fresh

Three things I know I’ll never get to, but I always dream of going to, even though I’m pretty resigned to the fact that it’s borderline impossible: SXSW, Bonnaroo and Comic-Con, which is starting this week. Which is why it cheeses me off that my buddy Stan is heading to San Diego this week to attend his second Comic-Con. Second! Comic-Con hog! In typical hipster-geek fashion, there isn’t anyone who goes to Comic-Con anymore without lamenting about how it was soooooo cool in 1997 before the corporations took over, but I still wanna go. Stan’s planned highlight, which probably would be my highlight if I was going: a Thursday panel with the guys from Workaholics. I just think they’d be cool to hang around with for an hour. But the next day, the guys are holding a happy hour pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. And where is Stan staying? The Hard Rock. Grrrrrrrrrr. Gotta imagine that pool party will include a hovercraft, right?

When Ernest Borgnine appeared in a Simpsons episode in 1993, my first thought was, “Geez, he’s not dead yet?” That’s my lasting memory of Ernest Borgnine, that he went from “I can’t believe he’s still alive” to “He just lived another 20 years after that.” At least Borgnine said the same thing, that people thought he was dead. Granted, he said it in 2007 and I was saying it two decades ago, but whatever. It probably doesn’t help that the most recent notable movie of his I can remember seeing is 1979’s Black Hole. Anyway, if you’re a fan, Turner Classic Movies is doing a 24-hour Borgnine marathon later this month. I’ll stick with Simpsons, thanks, although another viewing of The Wild Bunch never hurt anyone.

Oliver Stone isn’t a guy who makes me want to run out to the theater and check out his newest movie. Even when you throw Tim Riggins into the mix, I can only manage to file Savages away into by Blockbuster queue. But when you look back at his filmography and try to rank them, geez, the guy’s career is really impressive. At least his 1985-1995 career. JFK should be shown in every film class in every college in the world, Platoon is probably my favorite war movie, Wall Street is a movie I always top on when it’s on, then can’t turn it off and fro as much as I hate what happened to Tarantino’s original script, Natural Born Killers is still an incredible movie. If you can make Juliette Lewis desirable, then you’re impressive.

There aren’t many shows I’m looking forward to in the fall season, but Arrow is one of them. I know nothing about the Green Arrow backstory and have never read a comic book of his. Basically, whatever I know is from his appearances on Batman: Brave and the Bold. And I’ve been disappointed by CW shows that make nice trailers, but fail miserably when they get to TV *cough* Ringer *cough cough*. But the extended trailer for Arrow looks really good, even if it’s just boilerplate “lost my girl, gonna get her back, but gotta watch out for that trusted family member with a secret” stuff.

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