Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

Big weekend of local fun …

a google image search for "homemade bikini" will probably get you more excited for this party than you were a couple minutes ago.

Pocono Brewing Company is holding its now annual summer deck party, “Get Wet,” from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. tonight. Under the get wet heading comes wet T-shirt and homemade bikini contests, and I’m pretty sure I just sold a whole bunch of people on going. I don’t wanna brag, but I will. If memory serves, I had a hand in starting that party up in 2008 when I was still putting out Sharp Magazine. Owner Jim Caporusso, a good guy if there ever was one, was trying to figure out ways to use the bar’s new deck, so I suggested a hooray for summer type party. I got local band Stasis to play it, and now PBC is still doing the party. I think I feel proud, even though I haven’t done jack since then. I’m tempted to go, but I’d look pretty sad sitting at the bar playing Buzztime while there are wet T-shirt contests going on outside. I can’t help it. I’m somewhat addicted to Buzztime. 

The Original Pocono Pub is holding its annual summer bash on Saturday night, its fifth annual Pub a Palooza. Does anyone really know what palooza means? Anyone? I don’t, I’ve just used it to specify parties. OK, I’m checking. Well, first of all, it’s not in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. So technically, it’s not a word. I figured it was an Italian word or something that meant “large gathering of people” but it’s not. It’s a made-up word just meaning “huge honkin’ party.” Good enough! Now comes the question — who made the word up originally? Perry Farrell? Lollapalooza is the first time I remember hearing it. We’ve gotten pretty far off topic here. Just know that the OPP’s party is $12 for food and bands, drink specials, Bud Light girls … you know, fun bar stuff.

Sarah Street Grill in Stroudsburg is holding a benefit on Sunday for Erin Galligan, the Stroudsburg grad that died in a bike accident in California on Tuesday. Such, a weird, terrible story. Party starts at 7 p.m. and goes all the way to “?”, my favorite time of day.

We have a new entrant in the category of “best local band names” — Soofy and the Walrus. I have no idea what it means, and actually, I don’t think I’d ever want to know. Kinda like the Will Hunting explanation for why he doesn’t want to ask out Skylar for a second date. Right now, the band name is awesome, and we don’t want to wreck that. So if I would find out something like, “Oh, Soofy is what my grandpa used to call my nanna, and we used to save walrus tusks from being poached when I volunteered in Greenpeace,” I’d be looking for another band to watch that night. Anyway, they’re from Bethlehem, but they’re playing at Barley Creek tonight out on the deck.

I’ll probably die before I miss the chance to point everyone toward what very well could be the worst video ever made. So in honor of Air Supply coming to The Mount this weekend, I’ll make my usual plea when I post this video. Watch it. Watch all of it. For the sake of comedy, please.

It never gets old! Never. But it’s not like I don’t dig the song, because unfortunately, I do. And I know exactly what this says about me as a person and as a music fan. I’d go so far as to rank its use Mr. and Mrs. Smith as a top 50 use of pop music in movies. It’s hysterical. When I hear that song now, all I think about is Brad Pitt saying, “I like it. Deal with it.” Which is kinda how I feel on the off chance I hear this song on the radio and my wife gives me the “Your taste in music is divorcingly appalling” look. Which I get. A lot. 

Another 70s band I secretly enjoy — ABBA, whose tribute band Arrival will be at Penn’s Peak tonight. And it’s not just Dancing Queen either, I dig stuff like Waterloo, Fernando, all that stuff. And yeah, I feel terrible about it. Let’s just go ahead and call this the Poconos Weekend of Mike’s Bad Music Choices. I wonder if Wham! is planning a surprise reunion gig at the Sherman Theater this weekend or something.

Nope, the Sherman is doing an Independent Rock Series show tonight, then Edelweiss is playing tomorrow, then there is a teen dance/foam party on Saturday. I’m really glad that as the Sherman has grown, it’s kept doing the independent rock thing, letting local bands play if they can pull in a decent crowd. And here is a fun Sherman fact — when Vice President Joe Biden came to Scranton on July 3, guess who was in charge of the stage and the sound system? Yup, executive director Rich Berkowitz and the Sherman staff. That was their portable stage Biden stood on.

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