Dumb and Dumber and Dumber and Dumber (and Dumber, etc.)

So the schedule around here has been completely shot the last few weeks for a variety of reason I won’t bother you with. I try to stay on a Monday-Wednesday-Thursday (Sunday column preview)-Friday (Weekend Fun Guide) schedule, but it just hasn’t happened lately. Yesterday it was because I got stuck at the track all afternoon. Hopefully it will get better, but if my posting is sporadic, my apologies. Best way to know when I post is to subscribe to the RSS feed or hit up the PopRox Facebook page (which will be changing to a business-“Like”-based page soon).

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now, let's all hold our breath and wait to see what the great and honorable jim carrey has to say about all of this! again!

This Dumb and Dumber 2 shullbit has to end pretty soon, for all our sakes. Jim Carrey has said he wants to do it, and, luckily, his schedule is wiiiidddddeeeee open. The Farrellys said they want to do it, and would probably lick Roy Munson’s stump to get a hit. The only one who had been quiet about the whole thing was Jeff Daniels, because as it turns out, no one gave a shaggin’ wagon what he thought. But wait, maybe we do! He said the other day he does wanna do it, so of course, the green lights will be going off in every Hollywood studio because the great and powerful Jeff Daniels has pledged his undying devotion to the project. Wait, that’s not how it works?

The holiday season jockeying has begun now that The Great Gastby has moved off Christmas and is now coming out next summer. Maybe Warner Bros. saw the couple of instances this year of stars who crowd the theater with their movies (Taylor Kitsch, Charlize Theron, Elizabeth Banks) and they weren’t impressed at the results. Theron is the only near-winner in that pile, Prometheus made $125/$310 million worldwide ($130 million budget) and Snow White made $154 million/$389 worldwide ($170 million budget) releasing on back-to-back weekends. So when Leo DiCaprio’s other movie opening Christmas, Django Unchained, would only move if the date was taken out of Harvey Weinstein’s cold, dead hand, it wasn’t the worst idea for Gatsby to move. What is a bad idea is for the studio to shockingly call Gatsby the “perfect summer movie.” At best, it’s the perfect summer counter-programming. But we’re not stupid, Warner Bros. We know no one gets blown up.

how many times will we get to say "elton john was right." this is probably one of those times since this pre-nip non-slip pic grosses me out.

Here’s a new game. Think of the best three words to describe any celebrity. It can be anything for anyone. It might not be as fancy as the anagram game from the Simpsons, but it’s a start, right? Go ahead, Elton John, start us off. Oh, let’s see, who could we give Elton to start? Off the top of my head, let’s go with, I don’t know, how about Madonna? Yeah, Madonna. So, what say you, Sir Elton? “Effing fairground stripper.” Judges? A perfect answer!!! Good luck topping that, Paul McCartney. I have only three questions for Elton John: 1. What fairs does he go to where there are strippers? 2. How close are they to me? 3. How much is the admission?

Kinda feel like Anne Hathaway in Dark Knight Rises reading about how movie ticket prices keep rising: “There’s a storm coming, theater owners.” There just can’t be an unlimited ceiling on how high ticket prices will go before people start rebelling. Especially with how many different ways of seeing a movie there are. Good example is how quickly things hit TV now. It used to be two years before a movie would hit Encore, the only remaining premium movie channel I subscribe to. Now? I was flipping through the channels last night and found 30 Minutes or Less, which came out last August! A year! And, I had been in Blockbuster on Monday night browsing, saw it, and gave it at least a little thought, mostly because I rewatched the Aziz Ansari stand-up special (naughty language alert) a couple weeks ago. But it was on Encore! Luckily I got Salmon Fishing on the Yemen (B-, drags a little in the middle, but pretty good overall) instead. Already, I flat out refuse to go to a movie after 6 p.m., still haven’t seen a 3-D movie, and have only seen one IMAX movie. The reason for each one of these is nothing other than price. Why would I go to see Total Recall at the Stroud Mall at in XD at 7:20 for $22 (me and my wife) when I can go at 12:35 for $10.50? Maybe that’s how the movie theaters will survive, by the pricing variety. They better hope so. They’ve very nearly priced out one of their former biggest customers.

trust me. this is h. jon benjamin.

Even though I don’t watch Archer and rarely watch Bob’s Burgers, I love me some good crossover episodes, and that’s what you’ll get in the next season of Archer. Seeing as H. Jon Benjamin does the voices of both of the show’s leads — though I’ll always remember him as Coach from the animated Home Movies — it should be pretty interesting.

I’ve actually noticed this too, that for the first Olympics I can remember, the music blaring on the speakers at every event seems a lot more current and dance-y than other Olympics. Maybe it’s because of being in an English-speaking country, I don’t know. Just seems like it’s better than hearing Start Me Up at the beginning of every event.

I think I’m down with the new NBC show Revolution. JJ Abrams can be frustrating mofo when it comes to his TV shows, but this looks like something that might be worth a viewing or two to see how things play out. I’m always down with end-of-the-world movies too, so it seems like it would be right up my alley. Plus, that girl who plays Charlie looks exactly like Trishelle from the Vegas Real World and that is up my alley. The trailer NBC played during the Olympics last night is good, and if nothing else, it looks like something that is going to be great for four episodes, be a let down for the next 5, suck for the next 10, then be great again for the last three. So, you know, like every JJ Abrams show. I’m not down with the “exclusive screening in one movie theater” contest on the show’s Facebook page though. Why would NBC limit it? Wouldn’t they want as many people to see it as possible? It’s gonna end up in like 50 different theaters. Vote for Stroudsburg anyway, why not?

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