Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

Programming note: I’m on vacation next week and I doubt I’ll get around to any blogging. I’ll try, but I can’t guarantee it.

So let’s hit the Poconos Weekend Fun Guide, we’re pretty packed up this weekend with good-looking fundraisers:

sorry about that "sold out" thing

After about four months, we’ve come to the end of our mud-running days in the Poconos for 2012. Nice that the tour ends on the original — the Shawnee Mud Run. Sorry if you forgot all about it and are scrambling to find a baby-sitter for the day. The race is plum sold out. And yes, I’ve been looking for a sentence where I can properly use “plum.” Sweet. We’ve still got the Ironman triathlon, a half marathon in the national park and a family triathlon in and the park, but this ends the mud-run/adventure racing portion of our schedule. Of all the developments and deals and plans that people say can revitalize tourism in the Poconos, this adventure race thing is what can do it right now. If it hasn’t already. It’s ready-made, doesn’t take any construction, requires limited, if any, permitting, has limited effects on our infrastructure … it is what the Poconos tourism industry needs right now. This year kind of snuck up on everyone, but I’d fully expect not only will there be more races next year around here (Mount Airy? Alpine Mountain? Fernwood?), but that more hotels and resorts will try to get in on the action and turn potential day-trippers into overnighters. And why not do two mud runs at Shawnee if it sells out the one day? This adventure racing phenomenon exploded this year. It’s going to go nuclear next year, let’s hope it can stay viable for another five years or so. Ten years will be a gift. Long-term sustainability will keep hundreds of people in jobs that might have been cut without this kind of revenue. I fully believe that. If you’re not signed up, this is what you missed last year:

And after you get hosed down — or not, that would pretty funny — you can head up the road to Fernwood’s Latin Festival going on today and Saturday. The salsa ain’t my thing, and neither is dancing in general unless I’m lit up at a wedding or something. But I can see where it would be fun for, you know, anyone else in the world.

still a little unnerving

Big weekend at the Pocono Community Theater. First off tonight is the screening of Ruby Sparks, the new Paul Dano movie. After the movie, Dano will be guided through a Q&A by a nervous, stammering and likely sweating moderator who will try his best not to completely eff up the experience for those who paid good money to get a question answered by Dano. Yeah, I’m the moderator again. I have only only two agendas for questions tonight: 1. Something concerning The Girl Next Door. When I told my brothers, who love that movie though not me so much, about how I didn’t get one in last time, they were NOT happy. So I gotta figure something out to ask about it tonight. Suggestions welcome, especially if they have to do with Timothy Olyphant. If you have a Girl Next Door question tonight, raise both of your hands and I’ll make sure you get to ask it. And 2. To ask about his upcoming movie For Ellen, since the trailer just came out the other day. I’m not a movie crier, I’m just not. I don’t know if I’m shut off emotionally or have seen too many sad movies and am desensitized to it. But the trailer for For Ellen got to me. I’m a little worried to see it because if the trailer got me, then I may be a blubbering idiot by the time the movie is over. And I did cry like a little bee-yatch at The Descendants in December.

I slovenly and unabashedly bathed in good feedback when I moderated the last Q&A with Dano in April, so hopefully I can pull off a good one again tonight. The theater is also hitting up another in the movie revival series, screening Dog Day Afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. And on Sunday, the theater debuts two new art galleries that will be up for a while.

Big weekend for fundraisers that include beer — my favorite kind of fundraiser. It kicks off Saturday at the Original Pocono Pub for the bar’s fifth annual Rock for Our Troops that benefits the local charity Operation Touch of Home. I think that raises money for care packages for troops overseas. Some new bands on the docket, at least I think they’re somewhat new. I haven’t typed in their names, at least.

Mady’s Snow Day is switching venues this year, moving from Sarah Street over to Barley Creek on Sunday. Looks like this is going to be a big one, seeing as there were 667 Facebook comfirmations this morning. The event is from 1 to 10 with a pretty good lineup of bands.

Dueling fundraisers again! The 36th annual Billy Frost Concert for Special Olympics will be held at Memorytown from 2 to 9 p.m. Sunday. Yeah, Memorytown is open! I questioned it myself. But when I talked to new owner Anthony Maula about what he wanted to do with the place, one of the first things he said was he wanted to make sure the Special Olympics concert still had a home. He said reaching out to the organizers was one of the first things he did. Smart move. After 36 years, it’s safe to say this concert is a Poconos tradition. But can’t we end the dueling fundraisers? Someone needs to grab the dates of all the really big fundraisers all over the Poconos, find the open dates, and try to make people aware of what kind of obstacles there are. I nominate someone else, because that’s what I do. Nominate other people to do work.

The Rock N Blues Festival is up at Mountain Laurel on Sunday too, and the weather is supposed to be pretty nice. Good news for all those Sunday events! The Brothers Winter will both have their bands their, Leslie West, Rick Derringer will be there too. I’m interested to see how The Mount will stage a festival event. Know how it will charge for it? With a 2-for-1 ticket special.  Seems like a good time to hit this up.

i'll never get jam bands.

In case you missed it, the Sherman Theater announced a big show — the Trey Anastasio Band on Oct. 22. tickets go on sale Thursday, and I’m on vacation next week, so I won’t be able to remind anyone. How come jam bands are the only ones who have side projects anymore? Every now and then you hear about some rock guys that do — I think Jack White is up to, like, seven of them — but for the most part everyone just sticks together. Jam guys have like eight side projects each. Drummers, bass players, doesn’t matter. They’re all over the place. And to be honest? Until I came out to the Poconos and saw all these crazy jam band fans around here, I would not have known the name Trey Anastasio for anything. This weekend, the Sherman is staging the Grand Funk Railroad concert up at Mount Airy.

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