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Programming note: I think next week I’ll start some fall TV previews, night-by-night. That means for the next month, or maybe longer because there are a ton of premieres in October this year, we’re going to be really TV heavy. I try to watch and review as much as I can of the new shows, and this year it’s going to be a little easier with more shows premiering early online or OnDemand.

stupid picture, but i'm gonna be looking into the new tv show vegas

So if you’re more of a movie person, see ya around Halloween. No hard feelings. I’m sure I’ll get some movie stuff in here and there with some random reviews, but I’m pretty sure September will make me look like the TV junkie that I am.

One more note: I’m going back to trying to blog just about every day. Some posts might be shorter (like this one), and I’ll miss some days with time constraints being what they are, but I’m going to be trying to get at least a little bit up every day. We’re still sticking with the Pocono Weekend Fun Guide on Fridays with all local links, so make sure you get me your event/happening if you wanna see it promoted here on Fridays.

Some quick links:

Normally, when SNL announces their first crop of shows for the season, we get excited for who’s hosting. It’s a nice lineup for the first three shows with Seth McFarlane hosting the premiere (pretty cool), Joseph Gordon-Levitt for No. 2 and Daniel Craig in the hole. But the music lineup! Can’t say I’ve ever been that excited for three straight musical acts on SNL. Frank Ocean (who I still need to get on the bandwagon for pretty soon), Mumford and Sons and Muse … that’s pretty impressive. This seems like an appropriate time to mention I can’t get the new Mumford and Sons song out of my head. Surprised they don’t have a video for it yet.

You’ve probably already discovered this yourselves by now, but there was an alternate opening to The Avengers that never got used that would have set the whole movie up as a flashback. It’s Maria Hill bringing out her claws and talking about how much Nick Fury sucks. You know what Maria? You suck. You did in the comic, you do on the TV cartoon, you did in the movie. So shut up. Not sure how many times Fury can save your life before you show the guy just a pinch of gratitude.

someone just got themselves a big raise without lifting a finger.

Hey, more Avengers universe/Joss Whedon news! And on TV! ABC is going to develop a pilot about S.H.I.E.L.D., with Whedon serving as executive producer. This is why Disney bought out Marvel, to make money. And boy, will it make money. But how long before we’re in Avengers universe overload? You can make the argument that we were already there before the movie debuted. But now that the public has shown an insatiable thirst for it, we’re getting two new Marvel movies that probably will be weaved into the Avengers sequel (Guardians of the Galaxy and whatever the untitled movie is, likely Ant-Man) and this S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show for the 2013 season. And the S.H.I.E.L.D. project is probably going to be the first one to get watered down. I seriously doubt Sam Jackson is heading to TV, and Cobie Smulders probably wouldn’t be leaving How I Met Your Mother unless she got a super-duper-duper money deal. HIMYM will be entering its ninth season in 2013, and CBS has already said it’s looking to get the show locked up for at least the ninth season. Actors get P-A-I-D PAID the longer the show goes, so she’s probably making some good scratch right now. For her to jump to the S.H.I.E.L.D. show, regardless of what her contract situation is, would be a pretty big leap of faith. Although if her contract is up after this upcoming year of HIMYM, guess who just landed in a huge pile of leverage?

what a great idea! let's try and tell howard stern what to do on his radio show as it relates to nbc!

There’s been some really stupid decisions at NBC over the last couple years. But screwing with Howard Stern’s head might be the dumbest one of all. Anyone who would tell Stern not to make fun of Jay Leno might be the dumbest person not just on the planet, but ever to live on the planet. It’s just asking for mounds of trouble you don’t need. Stern still thinks Leno stole Stuttering John, and hasn’t forgiven Leno for it. And obviously, he never will.

I actually watched the last 15 minutes of the Burn Notice finale on Sunday — not that I even knew it was the summer finale -- and for being USA’s most serialized show, it’s ridiculously easy to catch up on. That just confirmed my decision that it was OK to drop it from my viewing schedule two years ago or so. How many times can we watch Michael Westin get “burned” — get it? — by the people he trusts? I don’t care if it is Dr. Cox doing the back-stabbing this time, it’s still played out. And yet, people keep watching. I wonder if they suddenly picked up the set and moved it to, like, Chicago, if people would even notice. Anyway. If you are still watching and wanna know when it’s coming back, USA announced the fall/winter return dates for its shows yesterday. Stop the presses.

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