Your Music-Heavy Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

If last weekend was the one of big events, then this weekend has some great music on the way:

here's hoping the weekend weather holds up for the cota festival. doesn't look promising in the afternoon though, as per the usual.

Guess what!?!?!? This might be the first year that we haven’t gotten some kind of call saying the COTA Festival is in danger of shutting down forever because the event. Either that’s good news and there is finally some fiscal leeway these days, or the organizers just didn’t want to call us about it. I’m looking on the bright side and saying it’s the first one. COTA is the longest-running music festival in the Poconos, and maybe in all of NEPA. I can’t think of one that’s been going longer. I’ll never be a jazz fan, but it’s a fun way to hang out in one of the nicest little towns in NEPA. That I do know.

This one kind of snuck up on my, but seems pretty cool. The Big Bandingo looks like one of the biggest strictly music festivals we’ve seen around here in a while, or at least that I’ve seen. It’s two days of music and 27 bands Saturday and Sunday at Petrizzo’s next to Fernwood in Bushkill, with Saturday going from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. and Sunday from noon to 10 p.m. Tickets for each day are $10, which seems like a pretty good deal. 

when did fred armisen join fun.? and what's with that period in "fun."? makes it hard to type.

It’s been a while since ESU had a big on-campus concert, hasn’t it? The Hold Steady came in 2008, but other than that, most of the big campus shows since then have been staged over at the Sherman Theater. I’m probably forgetting one or two. But that changes on Nov. 1 when Fun., authors of the intoxicating song of 2012 graduating classes everywhere We Are Young, will storm the Rec Center for a concert. Not too shabby, certainly better than The Hold Steady. Tickets go on sale for students today, and will be available to ESU students ONLY for the next three weeks. If there are any tickets left, they go on sale to the public on Sept. 28. If I had to bet, I’d say there is only about a 20 percent chance there are any extra tickets come Sept. 28. So if you wanna go, and you’re not an ESU student, you better start hatching some kind of plan to have an ESU student buy you tickets. On off, off chance you still don’t know who Fun. is, you will as soon as you watch this.

Patent Pending gets back to its roots after a summer touring schedule and comes back to the Sherman Theater. For as many times as these guys ahve played here, they keep coming back and people keep coming out to see them. Something to be said for that.

what brilliant nuggets of wisdom will you have for us today, billy?

Some good Philly shows going on sale this weekend. Smashing Pumpkins in Camden went on sale at 10 a.m., no truth to the rumor that it’s “Bring Your Own Soapbox Night” where fans can collectively get up on their own personal soapboxes when Billy Corgan starts spouting off about something or other. Let’s see, the show is scheduled for Nov. 2, so let’s all take a wiiiiillllld guess on what he might be bitching about that night! Watch out Mitt Romney, you’re in the Corgan Crosshairs! Incidentally, those are the same crosshairs that no one has given a flying fig about since 1998. Then the hip-hop Powerhouse 2012 show goes on sale Saturday at 10 a.m., with Trey Songz, Rick Ross and Brandy on the bill. Wait, isn’t there one name that sticks out like Walter White on a basketball court? How did Brandy get in there?

And then we have your favorites on the bar scene tonight. Fahad and Kelly are at the Cinder Inn in East Stroudsburg, the Flyin’ Blind acoustic duo is at The Pourhouse in Canadensis, Jimmy Brown is at the Sycamore Grill in Delaware Water Gap, Len Mooney is at the Landmark in Minisink Hills starting at 6:30 p.m., and then Dream of Fire is at Sarah Street in Stroudsburg tomorrow. Basically, if you can’t find someplace to hang out and watch music this weekend, it’s your fault.

The Blue Tequila in Marshalls Creek still does a Latin night every Friday, with one DJ doing the traditional Latin dances like salsa, but then another DJ come up to do the house music thing. Neither would interest me, dancing usually gets in the way of my drinking. But I know I’m in the minority there, so dance away!

i officially deem kissing an alligator a bad idea.

Something else I’m usually not in on — animals that could easily eat/bite me. So why does this Reptile Palooza thing at Fernwood tomorrow actually intrigue me? Weird. The Gator Boys will be there, not that I know who they are in even the slightest way thanks to my detest for reality TV and my simple ignorance that Animal Planet even exists, but I’m sure someone is reading this now going, “Oooooooo, Gator Boys!” So there you go.

Never been on a motorcycle in my life, and at this point, it would probably be a little too cliche if I just up and bought one with the mandatory leather jacket and started watching West Coast Choppers. Is that even still on? Anyway, the one thing I think is cool about having a motorcycle would be all those poker runs every weekend where you get to go out with 100 other people and just ride like you’re part of the biggest biker gang ever assembled. Since there’s a good one this week, the Shane Skibber Memorial Run on Sunday morning starting at the Tannersville Inn, these are the times I do think it would be cool to have a motorcycle to ride. But I’d probably get a little too into it, starting calling myself Jax and taking cross-country trips on it just because I can. So I’ll probably just stick with my four-door daddy car.

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