Random Emmy Morning Thoughts and Questions

Quick Emmy thoughts:

I gotta catch up on Homeland. Nothing else was more obvious last night.

top 5 with a bullet

If Kat Dennings wasn’t in my Top 5 before last night, she is now. Sofia Vergara already was, but she’s now solidified a spot in the top 3 for at least the next 2-3 years.

Tom Hanks will kill in the Jon Waters biopic he’s apparently starring in.

Aaron Paul was nowhere near as good as Giancarlo Esposito in Breaking Bad last year, but at least the Emmy stayed in the Breaking Bad family. It probably wasn’t necessary for Stanton to try and make out with Paul though. #overcompensation

How long before Kevin Costner tries to hit Broadway to get the third leg of the EGOT? Will it be in a stage adaptation of Waterworld or The Postman? If it is, get me front-row center for either. I’d prefer The Postman, but either one would be the funniest three hours of my lifetime.

If he only needs the Grammy, what weird genre of music will he try to conquer specifically to get the EGOT? I’m going with Spoken Word.

Let’s beat this Costner thing into the ground, shall we? Before he accepted his Emmy, he watched as the five other winners before him were played off by the band to make sure everything stayed on time. One of them was THE DIRECTOR OF THE EMMY BROADCAST!!! So Costner, rather humbly, went up there and gave a decent one-minute acceptaance speech for his BS win in a category that should probably be eliminated anyway. He got to the end, kinda looked around, realized the band wasn’t playing, and decided to ramble on meaninglessly just because he could with some ridiculously stupid reference to the Olympics. Costner is partly to blame for that, but what the frigg happened to the band??? Were they all on a smoke break? It can’t be because Costner is still being hailed as one of the rare people that can’t be played off. At the height of his Dances with Wolves powers, I don’t think he ever had that kind of juice. And he certainly doesn’t know since his last decent role was seven years ago (Upside of Anger) and his last real hit was 16 years ago (Tin Cup). The next award he wins, the band should just start playing the second he gets up there for the acceptance speech to make up for last night.

the good news about missing getting nominated -- ashley judd shows up

We gotta tighten up the rules for miniseries since American Horror Story, Sherlock, Luther, and Missing are obviously manipulating the rules just so they can put “Emmy winning drama” on the Blu-ray box.

Jon Cryer has now won two Emmys for Two and a Half Men. Let that sink in, then go ahead and try to have any kind of faith in the state of television comedy.

I understand people might have been sick of voting for Mad Men for best drama. I get it. The same thing happened to Michael Jordan in the last couple years of the Bulls dynasty. But Jordan at least had the chance to go out and systematically destroy whoever beat him out in the playoffs (which he did to Charles Barkley in 1993 and Karl Malone in 1997). The Mad Men cast and crew can’t do anything but sit around and listen to people tell them, “Don’t worry, you guys are really the best” and wait til next year. Sounds like fun. It’s a blatant crime it didn’t win one award in a season when it made three of its best five or six episodes. I refuse to believe Homeland is that good.

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