Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

Today’s Poconos Weekend Fun Guide comes with the bonus of me revealing a lasting memory I have with certain events, people or ideas that I’m writing about this week. It’s pretty weird, but it seemed to be happening a bunch so I turned it into a gimmick:

if you're looking to sway me on oktoberfest, this is probably a good place to start

When did Oktoberfest become the biggest thing EVER? We’re not even in October yet, and we’ve already seen like 10 of them around here. Blue Mountain is up this weekend. Can you imagine what October is going to look like? I know already there’s one at Fernwood in a couple weeks, I’m sure there’s a couple more I don’t know about yet. So as this whole Oktoberfest thing gets bigger — and I gotta imagine we’re only in the infant stages before people reallystart realizing there’s money to be made — how far back are we going to go on the calendar? Labor Day Oktoberfests? Back to School Oktoberfests? I’m just pretty impressed that people have found new and inventive ways to drink and delude themselves into getting poop-faced drunk and still thinking, “Hey, it’s OK, it’s Oktoberfest!” It doesn’t become a problem until you start telling yourself, “Hey it’s OK, Arbor Day, so what if I’m sitting here at Kay’s at 8 in the morning?” Not that I ever did that. WHEN I THINK OF OKTOBERFEST I THINK OF: Since I’m not traditionally an Oktoberfest person (I’ll stick to St. Pat’s, thanks!), when I think of Oktoberfest all I can really think of is the movie Beerfest. And when I think of Beerfest I immediately think about one of my favorite surprise lines in a movie ever that made me crack the hell up, it’s at the 1:21 mark (and has a fair share of naughty language).

at the sherman tonight

I’ve never heard a Keller Williams song other than some quick research a couple years ago. Jam bands just aren’t my thing, as I’ve often noted to the eye-rolling delight of some. But I do remember Keller Williams being a pretty cool cat when I interviewed his four years ago. I can’t do a good interview with a celebrity, no matter how big or small, unless they’re up for anything. And he was up for anything. WHEN I THINK OF KELLER WILLIAMS I THINK OF: Tie-Dye Dave, because Williams got me in trouble with the now-late Tannersville hippie. Williams told me he never heard of any place selling one of his concert bootlegs — expect Tie-Dye Dave’s. Mind you, Williams had no idea where Tie-Dye Dave’s was. He just heard that was the one place in America that was selling his bootlegs, and he wasn’t too happy about it. When I told him it was here, he was surprised, to say the least. So I printed it, because I thought it was hysterical, surprising and remarkably candid for even a quasi-celebrity. Please note — I didn’t say it. Keller Williams did. But it got back to me that Tie-Dye Dave, who I had always known and heard was just about the nicest guy on the planet, was a good bit cheesed off at me because of that comment. Not at Williams, but at me, even though I didn’t say squat. The only thing I did wrong was not calling Dave to get some kind of comment from him on the subject, which I regret now because I think it would have been a fun story.

Been noticing that more and more places are jacking up their beer prices around here. Not calling anyone out, but you know who you are! That makes it good to see that someone is bringing them down — Rudy’s in East Stroudsburg is going to be doing $1 Lagers every Friday night from 7-9 through November. Thanks, guys. From the very bottom of our wallets. It’s perfect timing, too, get done with happy hour on Main Street or at Trackside then just walk over to Rudy’s and extend the cheap beer pricing for a couple hours, and you can do it before the college crowd comes out. Win-win (win). WHEN I THINK OF RUDY’S I THINK OF: Going in there Saturday afternoons after ESU football games when my brother Erik was coaching there, even though I think we only did it once or twice.

The Fun. ticket sale made it through the three-week process for ESU students for the show at the college on Nov. 1, so the remaining tickets go on sale to the public today at noon. For the first time in a while, I may have an actual person who will head over to review the show that night. Yippee! I might be in the process of looking for a couple reliable concert reviewers, since it’s become clear I’m just not going to get it done. Always wanted to, never could. Email me if you’re interested in helping out, or hit me up on FB. I can’t/don’t pay, but you’d get free tix to the show you’d go to. Fun. looks like it’s already taken, so don’t ask about reviewing that one. WHEN I THINK OF FUN. I THINK OF: Glee. Goddammit.

Joe O’Malley (official Friend of PopRox, you’re welcome, Joe) is at Barley Creek with a 6 p.m. start tonight, but he’s already on FB complaining about how hard it is to work today with the Ryder Cup going on. While I feel his pain immensely — pre-kids, I used to take this day off and get loaded with a group of friends from now until Sunday afternoon — how is he gonna be able to concentrate on his set when the afternoon matches are finishing up? Actually, maybe that will be the impressive part. If he can keep one eye on the TV and still pull off Gavin DeGraw or something.

no matter how many super bowls giants fans get, they'll still always be ticked off at this

Pocono Duo is doing their usual stick-around-town-thing, not even veering off Main Street this weekend. They’re at the Hideaway on Saturday night then at Sarah Street on Sunday, just not until after the Eagles-Giants game. Although I think it’d be pretty funny for them (or any other band) to try and go on at the start of the fourth quarter in a close game at Sarah Street after Eagles and Giants fans have been drinking all day watching games. That would go over swimmingly, I’m sure. So swimmingly that someone would please, please, please need to get some video of it. Any way we can order this, like on the Sarah Street menu or something? “Two orders of the salmon skin maki, two Shawnee Crafts, and, umm, can we get the band to start with 3 minutes left in the game when it’s 24-24? We’re in agreement it would be entertaining. That’d be great, thanks.” Maybe someone should call SARP now just in case, no? WHEN I THINK EAGLES GIANTS I THINK: Too many things. Usually whatever is most recent. It used to be Donovan picking up the phone in the playoffs in 2009, now it’s DeSean Jackson running back the punt or The Other Matthews Brother missing his basic assignment last year and giving Brandon Freakin’ Jacobs a 60-yard TD, which, incidentally, is the overlooked play of last year’s Giants Super Bowl run. If that play doesn’t happen, Eagles win and Giants don’t make the playoffs. Just sayin’.

Speaking of The Hideaway, can’t say I’m a scotch man, but there will be scotch tasting over there tonight from 6:30 to 8:30. $10 admission, which is pretty cheap I think for scotch. WHEN I THINK SCOTCH I THINK: Mr. Mom.

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