Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

Columbus Day Weekend has become quite the to-do around here, so plenty to get to:

"blast from the past," which i drink is french for, "permission to drink like you were still in college."

Homecoming at ESU this weekend, so be careful out there Friday and Saturday. That’s whether you’re doing the homecoming thing or just trying to drive down Crystal or Analomink streets around midnight attempting to play slalom with the drunk people stumbling around the roads. Because there will probably be quite a few. I never really got the homecoming thing, and why it was such a big deal. That’s probably because I drank the same amount every weekend, which was in excess. Rudy’s is doing its usual parking lot thing, and Sarah Street is playing to the grads coming back to college by bringing in the George Wesley Band. If you’re ready to take the plunge off-off-campus, there’s a late-night dance party at Big Wheel

Since it’s the first week in October, that means we’re going to start the Halloween planning and just associated the whole month with scary things. That’s what they’re doing over at The Living Room on Saturday on Main Street in Stroudsburg, holding an art opening of scary-kinda stuff from 6 to 10 p.m. This Way to the Egress is playing starting around 8:15, so says Facebook.

More scary art a block up the road when Shane Izykowski opens an art exhibit at the Backstreet Studio and Art Gallerie on Sixth Street. Shane is big on the zombie look, which he was doing long before zombies somehow were able to become the #1 thing all the cool kids were talking about. I have proof.

Looks like we’ve got a new venue to drink at, and actually, that’s the name. Venues Lounge, it’s the new name of the club at the Clarion Inn on West Main Street. Which means I officially never made it to Whisper’s. And I think that’s just dandy by me. Flyin’ Blind is there tomorrow, Steve McDaniel was there on Thursday, most likely starting off his set like this. At least I hope he still does, I haven’t seen him ina  while.

this no sense make.

I’m not necessarily an animal person, I’ve had three goldfish die on me in the last week. But if you are, then you’ll probably want to check out the fourth annual PAWS in the Park Day at Tobyhanna State Park from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday. The event includes a walk around the lake from 9 to 11:30, a blessing of the pets ceremony at 10, and a special birds of prey presentation from the Delaware Valley Raptor Center. No raptors though, just an eagle, hawk, owl and a falcon. You know what would keep me away from this? Other than the fact that I don’t have a dog? Some people might put their cats on leashes and take them here. Cats on leashes freak me out. Like, big time. I’m pretty sure cats on leashes is weird enough that I don’t have to chalk it up to my OCD tendencies to call it freaky. The fact that I need to reduce every fraction I see? Or that I’m hugely more comfortable with numbers that are factors of five? Or that I breathe a little easier when all the knives in my kitchen are in the wooden knife holder thing? Those are on me. But cats on leashes? That’s all you, society. 

Looks like I’m on a roll here giving away all my lunacy, so why not divulge another tidbit? I don’t like cake. Or most deserts, actually. If I get a cake for my birthday, it has to be an ice cream cake because the cake-y part just bothers me. I think it’s because even though I know I don’t have to eat it all, I still feel like I need to. So I feel sick and bloated just looking at it. You don’t have to tell me I’m nuts, I’m all too aware. Which is why a reasonable substitute is cupcakes, which is what intrigues me about the first Pocono Cupcake Festival at the Shawnee Inn on Sunday afternoon. I’m much more amenable to cupcakes than regular cake. The event benefits the United Way of Monroe County, which, you have to admit, keeps coming up with cool ideas to raise money. And that’s right by the Shawnee Timber Festival, so boom. Now you have two things to do Sunday.

MMA comes to the Sherman Theater tonight for the start of what looks like an MMA series of events. I, umm, don’t know anyone on the card. Sorry.

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