Where Does Community Go from Here?

Wait! We’ve been through two full weeks of the TV season, Mob Doctor has been on the air three times … and nothing has been canceled yet? This has got to be some kind of record.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t TV news to talk about:

thumbs up from annie means everything is cool, right? ummmmmm, right???

When you’re a die-hard TV fan over a long period of time, you’ve certainly had the “the network is trying to kill my favorite show” feeling at some point. Whether it’s chronic time slot changes (Arrested Development, the first three seasons of Family Guy), unexplained hiatuses (Parks and Recreation) or throwing it onto Friday or Saturday nights (Married with Children), everyone has had the kick-in-the-ass feeling at one time or another that their favorite show is the subject of a network murder conspiracy. It’s complete BS. We can all agree on that, right? No television network sets out with the express purpose of killing its own show that it spent millions developing and millions more promoting. That’s a given, right? OK, glad calmer heads prevail and we can all agree. Now, all that being said … (I’m retreating into a basement bunker and whispering) I’m pretty sure NBC is trying to kill Community. I’m only kidding. I’m totally serious. OK, maybe not so serious. Yes I am! In theory, yeah, benching Community until the glorified graveyard of TBD is the right thing for NBC and speaks to the kind of mild success the network has had this year. Now it can afford to just punt Fridays where Community (and yes, Whitney, but as far as I’m concerned, that show doesn’t exist) was scheduled to go and use both shows to plug the hole that soon will be Wednesdays when Animal Practice and Guys with Kids get canceled (it’s coming). Or it can just hold on to both of them until the winter when 30 Rock ends and Up All Night possibly gets canned, then NBC has Thursday-tried shows at its disposal as replacements. Even though NBC is still building its house after years of living on the streets, it’s at least got a foundation laid and (you would think) a plan to finish it off. Sure, CBS and Fox are living in mansions and ABC has a really charming split-level. But for NBC to get back in the game, it’s going to take years of careful, thought-out planning. If it thinks holding off on Community (blerg, and Whitney) is the right thing to do, then we as viewers can only hope it’s all part of a grand plan, not some paranoid, random self-destruction plan. It actually is though.

Mob Doctor has the exact opposite problem. Fox refuses to take it off the air, despite only 3.5 million people watching Monday and an abysmal, awful 0.9 rating in the 18-34 demo. That makes it the lowest-rated Sunday-Thursday show on any of the Big Four networks. I have no idea what the baseball playoff schedule is, but something tells me it will include Mondays on Fox starting next week. That would give Fox until November to wait and see if another network announces a cancellation so it doesn’t have to have the first show to get the ax. Make no mistake, though, you probably won’t see it again. UPDATE: CBS has canceled Made in Jersey, which seems about five months too late from when it was showed to critics at the upfronts in May. So maybe we’ll get a Mob Doctor announcement soon.

totally get why it's funny. i just don't think it is funny.

You will see Louie again, just not in 2013. Louie C.K. said Tuesdays he’s taking a break, and that the show won’t be back til the spring of 2014. Well, not a break so much as a foray into a stand-up tour that lasts into next spring. That leaves no time to steal possible story ideas that may actually have been Louie episodes, I’m not sure. I actually watched most of those last three Late Show episodes, which I thought were really good … until the whole China thing. As per the usual with my observations of Louie, I implore its fans to resist the urge to tell me, “You just don’t get it, man, this is what comedy is all about!!!” No, it isn’t. Not my brand of comedy at least. Louie has officially crossed over from sitcom to character study — not that it was ever really a sitcom in the first place. I get the show, I know exactly what it’s trying to do and prove and how it intends to trail-blaze, I just don’t think any of it is funny.

We’re about halfway through the Sons of Anarchy season, so maybe it’s time to assess how it’s going. Opie’s dead, Clay is for all intents and purposes an invalid, the sheriff is back in the game now that his wife and unborn child are probably dead, Tigg’s daughter was burned alive … and all I can think about is Boyd Crowder with boobs in assless chaps. How freakin’ funny was that? There won’t be a better cameo this year on TV, anywhere, with any actor. It’s impossible. Hats off to Walton Goggins, an Emmy nominee a year ago whose star is on the rise, for subjecting himself to a tranny prostitute role with fake boobs and everything, then fake riding a fat guy and sexually blackmailing a 21-year-old. All in like three minutes of screen time! Raylan Givens now has a new reason to watch out for Boyd.

There are a lot of different levels I judge friends on. What sports teams you like, what movies you enjoy, what you do in your spare time, etc. The wrong answer to any of them kicks you down a peg or two. Not that anyone really cares. But I’m pretty sure I’m adding a new question to my friend judgement criteria: Exactly how do you feel about Connie Britton? Unless the answer is, at the very least, “She’s great!” then I probably don’t want to be your friend. If your answer is either, “I want her to be my mom, for reals,” or “#1 MILF in the history of MILFs,” then we should probably hang out. Nashville looks like it should be the dumbest show ever. But I’m betting the presense of Britton makes it superemely awesome. For some reason I haven’t watched the screener I have of it, but I’ll definitely be checking it out. And no, don’t think a couple “y’alls” deters that.

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