Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

Taking my first trek around Bushkill Fall’s Red Trail tomorrow for the first time since I was like 8, and my first hike since I was like 10. I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine, I just don’t wanna end up like Steve Martin in Three Amigos:

We’re a bit slow this weekend, apparently everyone is gearing up for Halloween parties next weekend. We’ll have a rundown next week for as many as we can find, or as many as people want to send to me through email or a Facebook invite. Send one, send all.

me and robert townsend at last year's pmff. he left halfway through without telling anyone and before he was presented with his lifetime achievement award. boo. and also, not my best picture.

It’s Pocono Mountains Film Festival time this weekend, starting tonight with a meet-and-greet, then tomorrow will be movies and the awards dinner. Find the schedule here. David Saperstein, the writer of Cocoon, and entertainment mogul Micky Hyman will team for a public workshop and Q&A again this year, as they have for the last couple of years. I sat with them last year at the PMFF dinner, and it’s pretty obvious they’re committed to coming back for this every year as long as they can. Bridget Davis of Henryville has been running the festival for 10 years and really, really loves doing it. Good luck finding someone who’s more devoted to a cause or a project in the Poconos than Bridget. That’s reason enough to get out and support the festival so that next year, it can be bigger and better.

This was one of the first years in while we didn’t hear about financial woes of the COTA Festival, hooray! And maybe it’s because of events like this Sunday’s ZootFest over at ESU. It’s great to get the COTA Fest once a year, but why bring the goods just once every 12 months? Since our local residents of jazz are so famous and accomplished, why not get them out raising more money so the COTA fest can be a money maker, not a money loser? COTA has been really good about it the last couple years, doing more events that raise money for one of the best musical weekends in Pennsylvania. Anything that keeps COTA alive, I’m cool with.

but you know what? from now until forever, people will butcher the "thank you very much" thing and think they're spot on.

In my favorite Pulp Fiction deleted scene, Mia Wallace actually introduces herself to Vincent Vega before they go to Jack Rabbit Slims, and video records a fact-finding interview with him based on the premise that there are some questions there is only one answer to, and that answer says who you are. The example is the Beatles/Elvis debate — you can like both, but no one likes them both equally. Everyone like one more than the other. Of all the social revelations of that movie, it’s the most true. Vince, of course, is an Elvis man. Me? I’m a Beatles man. Not that I worship them or even like them more than, say, Depeche Mode. But I recognize their talent and their greatness. Elvis? I don’t get it, not one bit. Kinda seems like Madonna just stole his playbook 30 years later, right? And would any sane person say Madonna is anywhere near the musical equivalent of The Beatles? But it’s not for me to get, I’m not exactly in the target audience of the Elvis Festival this weekend at Fernwood. And actually, I’d go to the Elvis Festival for the kitsch value and overall weirdness of it all. I just don’t get the whole Elvis thing, and I never will. Actually, this is my biggest memory of Elvis, again courtesy Tarantino:

the best part of my day so far was doing a google image search for "little black dress." it's all downhill from here.

The Lounge in Bartonsville is doing a Black Dress Contest night on Saturday, though I imagine the contest itself is only open to girls. Or at least should only be. But guys, don’t you want to be around for that? I don’t mean to sound like the crazy guy schemer, but a girl wearing her favorite black dress is when she’s most confident. My experience has been that makes her a little more prone to drinking quickly. Which means she’ll be confident and at least moderately agreeable. So, have I convinced you yet? Oh, and she’ll be wearing the black dress, which is the biggest plus of all. Now, ladies, you know what every guy is thinking on Saturday. You’ve been warned.

Hitting up some local haunts:

Pocono Pub has a breast cancer fundraiser tomorrow night with Angel Down playing.

Pocono Manor has two nights of good local bands this weekend. Big Things is there tonight and Joe O’Malley is there on Saturday. Good to see it seems to be committed to local music when other bars are dropping it. Yeah, I’m thinking of someone specific.

Flyin’ Blind is at the Cinder in East Stroudsburg tonight too.

Moyst is at the new Venues in the Quality in on West Main Street in Stroudsburg on Saturday starting at 9.

Just so you know, there actually is hockey going on. The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins start their home season tomorrow night, and if you’re at the Pocono Tap House in Albrightsville, you have a chance to win four tickets to the game. There’s a trick though. To be entered, you have to say you saw their post on Facebook. Only nine people like that post so far, so you might have a one-in-10 chance to win if you go. Those are about as good odds as you’re gonna get. Although now that I’ve told everyone, there will probably be, like, 8 trillion more people that show up looking for free tickets. Right? Umm, right? No, probably not. Stick with the one-in-10.

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