Ready or Not, Here Comes Iron Man 3

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will it be a let down?

This is just about the same time last year that the trailer for The Avengers premiered, so why screw with a good thing? Marvel debuts the Iron Man 3 trailer tomorrow, and don’t be surprised if there is some kind of Avengers reference in there somehow, some way. But this looks like it’s the start of the Iron Man 3 hype, which could be interesting because it’s gotta be a let down, right? After seeing Avengers in all its glory, now we have to go back to getting just one superhero in a movie? What kind of crap is that? It’s still going to be big, big money, but anyone expecting it to do Avengers money is off their rocker.

Maybe I missed it somewhere, but was there any real consternation over Dish customers missing out on AMC and IFC? Seemed to me like it was pretty quiet. It’s also pretty funny that Dish apparently didn’t care that its customers were missing out the two best shows on TV — Mad Men and Breaking Bad — but as soon as it cut into ratings juggernaut Walking Dead, they got everything settled nice and gentleman-ly like.

ABC isn’t ordering anymore episodes of Private Practice, which is the latest nice way to say a show is canceled. I have nothing to say to this, because I wouldn’t know this show if I tripped over it. Some other “future of your favorite show” news that I’m not going to link to or this will look like a blue mess, you’re just going to have to believe me: Modern Family, The Middle and Grey’s Anatomy now have two extra episodes this year to bring the total to 24, Arrow looks like it’s picked up for a full season, X Factor will be back for a third season next year. Now you’re caught up.

Did somebody say off their rocker? Well then Joaquin Phoenix’s ears must be ringing! Read this whole interview (in Interview Magazine) and you realize there is a really fine line between bat-shat crazy and stick up for your own integrity. If Phoenix had come out and said something simple, like, “You know, I’m just not interested in doing the Oscar publicity tour this year, I’m gonna skip it and see what happens as a social experiment on Hollywood politics” people would have thought, “That actually sounds interesting, good for you, Joaquin!” But no, he says, the awards circuit is “total, utter bullsh!t,” and that he doesn’t want to be part of it, at all. Obviously, he doesn’t care about the Oscar nomination, so the questions of whether he just cost himself an Oscar nomination is moot. But what if that was his intention? What if he really, really, really didn’t want to be nominated, so he started thinking, “Crap, I better figure out a way to get out of this, pronto,” so he just basically dared the Academy to nominate him? Weirder things have happened, and Phoenix usually is the one doing them.

pretty sure people will never learn what seems like a simple rule -- don't bash your boss on twitter

Oh, Jennifer Esposito. Why do you have to be the latest one to realize that there is a reason that nothing automatically gets sent out on Twitter, that there actually is a “Tweet” button on there. I’ll never understand the compulsion of people to send out really nasty, biting stuff that criticizes an employer when it’s almost a given that it will cost you a job. The days of Stacy Paterno and my favorite surprise nudity ever in Crash are long gone, hon. You know who else loves stories like these? Bradley Cooper, especially when there are throwaway lines to remind everyone that the two were married for, like, a month.

You’re probably not ready for it, but here comes Oscar season, sneaking up on you without much warning. The first major award show — the Gotham Awards — announced its nominations last week, and the bad news is, you’re not going to recognize many of these movies. They’re strict indie. But they’re ones you might want to get to know, because they’re the ones that with a little fanfare might be able to crack into some of the secondary categories.

Threw this out on Twitter and Facebook on Friday afternoon, but it’s always good to be reminded of how much you like something. It was pretty easy for Community fans to lose their way over the last six months, what with a pretty lackluster last season, a backstage catastrophe that never should have happened and now a delayed premiere date that lands in the dreaded TBA range and yet another Chevy Chase faux pas. At least the Greendale gang is keeping their sense of humor intact in the season three promo:

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