It’s Now Iron Man’s World, We’re Just Living in It

Here we go on the seven-month Iron Man 3 publicity blitz with today’s trailer premiere, hold on tight!

Quick observations:

The balls on this other guy hitting on Pepper! The guy doing it is Guy Pearce, who’s playing Aldrich Killian, a guy who in the Marvel universe is a hotshot scientist. Gwyneth Paltrow is hot, we get it. But if you’re what is most likely a rich, powerful scientist guy, here’s a bit of free advice: Hit on someone who’s not the known girlfriend of an EFFING SUPERHERO!!! “Hey, I’ve got an idea. I’m rich, I’m attractive, I can have just about any woman in the world — maybe I should make an aggressive play for the chick who’s dating the guy who just led the superhero team that took down an intergalactic evil and leveled New York City in the process. That should go swimmingly.”

he'll be back as happy hogan though. hopefully his car stereo won't be blasting aerosmith or something.

I wasn’t a fan of Jon Favreau being booted from the director’s chair. He proved that he could handle it, and I thought Marvel owed him for all the shameless self-promotion he had done with it that helped make the Iron Man/Avengers franchise what it is today. Without Favreau, The Avengers might not happen. But we have an immediate upgrade — no silly classic rock in the trailer. No Iron Maiden. No AC/DC. None of that obvious horse crap. I have no idea what the music is in this trailer, but it at least doesn’t turn me off like hearing Back in Black did in the Iron Man 2 trailer. So there’s that.

The blowing-up-the-house scene looks like it’s going to completely kick @ss. Normally I don’t get excited about action scenes in trailers because they’re only 15-second snapshots of what amounts to a 15-minute scene. You can make anything look good that way (see: Transformers). But this one looks pretty cool, and already gets me asking, “Where’s Pepper while Tony is getting dragged underwater?” Maybe that’s why she’s being held captive in one scene. Maybe that’s why Tony’s lone speaking part of the trailer is a foreboding foreshadowing of how he’s worried he won’t be able to protect Pepper. If I’m already asking those questions, then it’s a good snippet of an action scene.

watch out iron man, ghandi's coming to get you!

Not sold too much on Mandarin just yet, but part of that is because I’m not really a fan of him in the comic world. He might be crazy, but I also always thought he was kind of a wimp. He’s not, really, it just seems that way. And I just don’t think I can get in to a final heroic showdown between Iron Man and Ghandi. What, Christopher Lloyd wasn’t available?

Up to this point, the Iron Man series has been pretty light in tone for the most part. Iron Man is happy-go-lucky, and when it gets a little bit dark, say, like in the middle portion of Iron Man 2 when Tony is going through a minor inner struggle, it 1. doesn’t last very long and 2. usually is capped off with Tony saying something self-depricatingly funny and we move on to the explosions and stuff. But with this new trend of comic book movies going all dark and introspective, it makes you wonder if that’s where Iron Man 3 is going here. Tony is obviously a changed man since the end of Avengers, and not in an very happy way. If that’s the way this is going, so be it. Those movies are usually more interesting that way anyway. But let’s have Tony deal with his already established issues — like alchoholism. Let’s not just invent things for him to be concerned about, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

But if you’re complaining about anything in this trailer, you’re nitpicking. It’s a pretty nice first effort of what I’m sure will be at least three trailers. TRAILER GRADE: A-

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