Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide (and a Shamless, Shameless Plug)

We’re kinda slow this weekend and I’m kinda (classic undersell) busy, so we’re going to do this really quickly and we’ll just hit what people have sent me on Facebook. (Update: I just actually wrote it, and it’s not very short. Sorry. Or you’re welcome. Whatevs.)

One shameless plug. I have no idea who or what Greatest Around the Poconos is. They’ve never contacted me about anything, and I’ve never contacted them. I just checked our Pocono Record archives, and we’ve never written about them. So I’m kinda clueless. But apparently they run a “Best of” thing every year, and one of the categories is in the “personalities” section is “best blogger.” I’m one of the nominees.

This is the first and last time you will hear (read) me mention this fact. I don’t like grandstanding for awards of any sort, unless of course they have a cash prize in which case I will whore myself out and wage a door-to-door campaign.This contest, however, does not have such a prize from what I can see. So my shameless plugging starts and ends here. You aren’t here to read me talk about awards I know nothing about.

The only reason I mention it is because apparently this was a nomination process to get on the ballot. Seeing as I didn’t know this existed until now, I did not nominate myself. So someone else did, and apparently that person would like me to win. For that reason, I don’t want to ignore this.

First, whoever did nominate me, thanks! It’s nice to know there are people (or at least one person) that enjoy this blog. That’s the reason I keep writing it.

Second, feel free to vote for me. Or don’t, that’s cool too. I just thought I owed it to the person/people who nominated me to mention its existence.

As always, I really, really appreciate the support my readers give me. Thank you, always.

One more PSA. Obviously, many of us individually have been pretty hard hit by Sandy. But so have the restaurants and bars, many of whom are just getting power back up now, or still don’t have power. Luckily this happened during the week and in the offseason. Still, don’t be scared to get out this weekend and grab some dinner/drinks at your favorite local haunt. They can probably use it.

On to the Fun Guide, which like I said is a little light and is by Facebook invite only. So you might wanna make sure you do that in the future:

Pocono Community Theater is hosting the premiere of a local movie, A Quick Buck,¬†at 1 p.m. tomorrow. It was filmed locally, is produced locally and features local actors. So, it’s local. Admission is just $3 and all the proceeds benefit the theater. So, you know, go.

i think he invented it.

More PCT — the theater’s revival series continues at 6 p.m. tomorrow with Rocky. I actually wanted this whole post today to be a tribute to the movie, one of my 20 favorite movies of all time, but ran out of time and couldn’t do it justice. It’s just an incredible movie, one that should be held in a totally different category than all the other money-grab Rocky movies. The original Rocky is a thing of pure, cinematic beauty that stands the test of time as good as any other movie made after 1970. It’s also the greatest love story ever. Yeah, I love Rocky.

I still haven’t checked out anything over at The Living Room at the Sherman, but I’m going to have to sometime, it seems like they’re doing great. There is another art show this weekend, with glow-in-the-dark or blacklight response pieces. Which sounds like it would be a blast. The show is from 6 to 10 p.m.

I’ve said it before, but Latin Night just isn’t my thing. You would think that would stop people from going! You know, since I’ve been nominated for a big award and everything! Anyway, it apparently is the thing of many others, and Sticks N Stones in Marshalls Creek is having their Latin Night tonight starting at 9. I think I’d actually like to go to one, but I’d be pretty dorky just sitting at the bar watching everyone.

yup, this is them.

Sticking with the Sherman — its got Theory of a Deadman coming there Sunday. I wouldn’t know one of the band’s songs unless you played it for me, and even then I might say, “This is Theory of a Deadman?” But I know I’ve heard of them, and that they’re big. So good get for the Sherman. Though I still think anything that’s not a jam band or American Idol graduate is a good get for the theater. I should really get out of that mindset, because the theater really has been mixing it up this year.

OK, I liked, a couple that aren’t invites. Burke’s Tavern in Mount Pocono is having its grand re-opening today, it actually opened at 11 a.m. I was up there during the construction process in April, and I know they were hoping to be open by the start of June. This is not the start of June, so they’re a little behind. But after the fire in October 2011, it’s good to see one of our local haunts opening back up again. And hey, they have power!

your funeral if you wanna go.

If you want to put yourself through the torture of an Eagles game, fine by me. Can you tell I’m frustrated? I’m frustrated. I’d certainly be less frustrated if I had free tickets, and you can win tickets to the Eagles-Cowboys game coming up in a couple weeks by going to the Jubilee/Pub in Pines tonight. Going to an Eagles game these days has to kinda be like going to the casino. You know you’re going to come out disappointed with a lot less money than what you went in with, so just prepare yourself for that fact and enjoy the time you’re there.

And because The Original Pocono Pub in Bartonsville always uses its Pocono Record ad for its Friday Facebook post, they get in too. DJ tonight 8 to 1, 3 is playing tomorrow night.

Flyin’ Blind says the Saturday Halloween party at My Place in Marshalls Creek is the best party of the year. What, like I’m going to argue with them? Hyperbole be damned!

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