If You Employ Chevy Chase, You Stink

Let’s clean out some bookmarks and get some new stuff in:

i know, i didn't think i could be that much of a butthead either! i'm shocked!

This whole Chevy Chase/Community thing is just a freaking nightmare for fans who have had to sit around and watch him ruin one of the best comedies on TV from the inside out. I really, really hope he never gets another acting job, ever, unless it’s either in Caddyshack 3, with him as the effing gopher. Maybe he thinks sitcoms are below him, and maybe he didn’t find it funny. That’s fine, everyone has their own tastes. Most of America already has spoken with their remotes to say they don’t find Community funny. But what Chase did — hanging around, being disruptive, probably dividing the cast and crew down enemy lines — is complete BS and an unprofessional insult to everyone working on that show. How many chances is Danny Pudi going to get at starring in a long-running sitcom that ends up with a syndication deal that will set him up for years? Unless The Big Bang Theory is looking for a new Indian professor to challenge Sheldon, this is probably it, right? So for Chase to go out of his way to sabotage that opportunity is him just being the biggest douche on the planet. He already ruined the career of Dan Harmon — although Harmon had a lot to do with that himself — and now Chase seemed perfectly comfortable ruining the careers of dozens of other cast and crew members on the show. Complete bush league, and I honestly hope the guy never works again.

yeah, i left friday night lights for this, you wanna make something of it? i'm holding a machine gun, you know!

Mark this Thanksgiving weekend down on your box-office calendars, because you’re never going to see what happened happen again. Thanksgiving weekend is one of the biggest movie weekends of the year, it’s guaranteed dough for any more out there. Yet, the three new wide releases — Rise of the Guardians, Life of Pi and Red Dawn — came in fourth, fifth and seventh in the box office rankings. Granted, they were beaten by two of the biggest franchises in movie history and one of the few household name directors, but it’s still not supposed to happen. You know what? Forget it. Go back and scratch everything I just wrote because I just checked out the box office from the last five Thanksgiving weekends, and only four Christmases (2008) and Enchanted (2007) were new movies that led the weekend. So maybe November is just a good place to position your blockbuster franchise before Thanksgiving, then watch it keep raking in cash over the holiday weekend. but a record weekend is a record weekend, and Hollywood is going to take it any way it can get it. Incidentally, Thor 2 (Nov. 8) and The Hunger Games sequel (Nov. 22) will be releasing pre-Thanksgiving next November.

Let’s not just gush over the weekend though, because we had some nice flops this year too, with more to come. I still can’t believe Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer managed to make $77 million overseas to take it off the complete dud list, but I stand by my summer assertion that it would be the biggest dud of the summer. I’m calling it a win, at least. Cloud Atlas is probably going to end up on this list when all is said and done since it was made for about $100 million but has only recouped $5 million.

it's always business time for me.

With my very, very limited expertise on HBO, seeing as I had it when I was a kid, briefly in college, then for a couple years in the mid-2000s, the five HBO shows from this 40-year-anniversary photo gallery that I have the most affinity for:

Eddie Murphy Delirious: Sneaked downstairs to watch it as an 8-year-old after my parents went to bed.

First and 10: Didn’t get any of the jokes, but thought it was funny.

Entourage: I don’t care what anyone says, I liked it just about as much when it started as it did when it ended.

Inside the NFL: In the 80s, this was required viewing for any fan of football.

Flight of the Conchords: Not in the photo gallery for some reason, but the more I think about it, it’s still one of my favorite TV shows of all time.

I bailed on Revolution long ago, a decision I regret exactly zero percent of the time. But if you’re still on the Revolution bandwagon, savor every morsel of tonight’s show, because it’s the last you’ll see of it until March. This is the start of the fall finales cavalcade, the other ones will be coming up in the next few weeks. I’ve done a piss-poor job of reviewing TV this year, but maybe I’ll get going again in the next couple weeks to talk about these fall finales like on Walking Dead (Sunday), Sons of Anarchy (season finale Dec. 4), Glee (Dec. 13) and some of the others.

I don’t think I’m buying the Dark Knight Rises DVD — so why am I contemplating sharing an ad for it on Facebook, thereby getting us one step closer to unlocking some secret reward? I have no idea. It’s probably a sickness. I should seek help.

I’m not necessarily a GIFs person, I usually don’t find them very funny. But you know what I do find funny? Arrested Development. Although I’m sure Chevy Chase will tell me that show isn’t funny either. Seriously, I hate the guy right now.

back in the reality tv spotlight tonight

Don’t forget about the Poconos reality TV alert, when Kelly Monaco tries to make … umm, history? … by becoming the only two-time winner of Dancing with the Stars. She dances tonight, the results show is tomorrow.

I didn’t see the episode of NFL Live in question, because I’ve come to think of ESPN as background noise more than the required viewing it was 15-20 years ago. That’s probably how I’ll treat it tonight for the Eagles game, too. (Thanks, I’ll be here all week.) But I do wish I had caught this episode to see if I would have even picked up on what looks like constant Princess Bride references throughout the show. That’s pretty awesome. I would certainly have figured out a way to drop in “No more rhyming now, I meant it!” with the hopes that someone would come back with “Anybody want a peanut?” and then I do the annoyed grunt thing.

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