Or Maybe the Golden Globes Just Forgot About Mad Men???

No one should get this pissed off over a silly awards show that is considered more party than awards anyway. The Golden Globes are the only place in Hollywood, and maybe the only non-wedding reception situation, where it’s acceptable to go in front of tens of millions of people on live TV while you’re poopfaced drunk. Not only is it acceptable, it’s borderline encouraged. How is that even reality?

And no one should get this pissed off about the TV section of the awards, the distant redheaded stepchild of the Globes. The TV awards are forced to play second fiddle to the movie categories, only if that second fiddle was about 7,000 miles away from the actual concert. If no one really cares about the movie portion of the Globes, then no one really cares about the TV portion.

if the golden globes show could possibly drop another peg with me, it just did

Yet, here I am, trying to make heads or tails of why Mad Men’s brilliant masterpiece of a fifth season — a season that most definitely contained at least two of the best five episodes of the series — didn’t get nominated in the best TV drama category.

I could only come up with three plausible reasons as to why Mad Men may not have gotten a nomination:

There are just too many good dramas. There are, that’s true. But very, very few are better than Mad Men. I don’t watch Homeland, Boardwalk Empire or Downton Abbey, so I can’t compare those. But I know that I saw about a bajillion stories over the last two weeks about how Homeland has taken a severe turn for the worse. And I know The Newsroom’s first season got a 57 (out of 100) on Metacritic and that the pilot was nothing better than OK. And as much as I love Breaking Bad, the eight episodes it aired this year couldn’t hold Mad Men’s jock. So the ones that were chosen don’t look that much better than Mad Men.

We’re burnt out on Mad Men. Hey, I get it. After five seasons of any TV show, you’re bound to hit some bumps. 24 lost it after the fourth season. The Office had it until about season four or five. Buffy went off the rails after season three. It’s just how things go in TV. But unlike the shows that have burnt out, Mad Men lost a step. NEVER. You can argue it’s gotten better — and I think it has. It keeps finding new ways to transform itself while never losing sight of the big picture.

Too much killing of stuffy British guys. The Hollywood Foreign Press is a pretty small bunch, you’d be surprised. There are like 85 members or something. So maybe if a couple of them got together for a night of boozing and ended up singing God Save the Queen at the top of their lungs, who knows if the next thing out of their mouths was, “Saaaay, did you see Mad Men? Can you believe they offed (spoiler if you’re waiting for Netflix) Lane???” “I know! Those bahstahds!” “I say we don’t vote for it this year!” And then they all pat each other on the back, cackle, eat some dry, bland food and resume boozing. That’s right, I’m down to far-fetched conspiracy theories to explain this, because that’s how little sense it makes.

Other than that, I don’t know what else to really say other than Mad Men just got jobbed worse than the Brooklyn Brawler.

Some other Golden Globes thoughts:

looking good baby jane!

We’ve got some new Oscar contenders. Nicole Kidman gets back into the race everyone thought she was a lock for over the summer in The Paperboy, Bill Murray gets his first Oscar backing, John Hawkes stays in the race and Richard Gere gets the honorary Golden Globes “Wait, he was in a movie this year?” annual award.

I liked Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. It will be in my top 20 for the year, and I think I may actually have considered tearing up at one point before stopping with little to no trouble. But award worthy it is not. It is this year’s entrant as “British movie we’ll throw a bone since we’re supposed to be the ‘foreign’ press and all.”

Before this week, I had no desire to see Lincoln. But I think I’m coming around. At this rate, I don’t think I’ll be able to competently talk about Oscars and such without seeing it. Not the best reason to see a movie.

I want to go one year, just one stinkin’ year, without Meryl Streep getting a nomination. She’s such a phoney baloney! I think she’s actually taking roles now to see if she can trick people into nominating her for some kind of award. I’m just gonna imitate a famous cook. Award! I’ll get chased around by Alec Baldwin for two hours. Award! I’ll coyly talk about sex even though I’m in my 60s, which is no different than The Golden Girls. Award! I want her to take a part in Transformers 4 as the new mom to whomever the new Sam is and see if she gets award nominations.


Affleck, Spielberg, Kathryn Bigelow, Ang Lee and Quentin has to be one of the most impressive best director lists ever. Go ahead, find one better. 2001, maybe? All Oscar winners, all heavyweights, with a mix of veterans (Spielberg, Lee), up and comers (Affleck, Bigelow) and street cred (Quentin). It’s by far the most interesting category of the night.

The biggest upset was Les Miserables only getting four nominations. That does not bode well for it heading into Oscar nominations. It didn’t even get nominated for best score, losing out to Cloud Atlas. Whatever Oscar stock it had, a big chunk of it is gone now. There are tons of headlines out there saying how great it is that it got four nominations, but I’m telling you, it’s a letdown. You’ll see.

Apparently when Glee started to suck this year, the Globes needed a new musical show to nominate, and coincidentally, Smash was there to accommodate. Lucky them. But holy crap Smash was boring, and at least 10 good comedies were left off the nomination list. Any other year I’d be mad about this, but Mad Men is taking up all my anger right now, I have no room extoll on the merits of Wilfred or Suburgatory instead of Smash.

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