Are You Team 2012 or Team 2013?

Really quickly:

gunning for the title of "Mr. Oscar"

The start of the year is always a weird time, especially this year with Oscar nomination announcement date moved up (it’s on Thursday, about two weeks before usual). On one hand, we’re still catching up on and honoring the movies of 2012. At the same time, we want to be excited for the movies of 2013, even though the slate is looking pretty blah right now. My remedy is just to watch TV, since new episodes of everything start this week including …

Hey, Justified, missed you! It made my top 10 shows of last year, even though I had some problems with it. Like the addition of the whole commune of mob-like BBQ eaters. What was up with that?

Not quite sure how it happened, but Justice League has just about fallen off the radar under the overwhelming success of Avengers. It has, right? If you would have asked CBDs (comic book dorks) 10 years ago which movie they’d rather see, an Avengers movie or a Justice League movie, 11 out of 10 would have said Justice League. Maybe 12 out of 10. But then we watched DC eff up Green Lantern, drop Joss Whedon from the Wonder Woman development, whiff on its first Superman remake, and let Christian Bale retire from his Batman duties before they could get him in a justice League movie. While that was going on, Marvel was mass producing good-to-decent Avengers-character movies all with their eyes on last year’s Avengers team-up. Now Justice League is probably releasing in 2015 — the same year as Avengers 2 and Star Wars 7. Why? Don’t you want a whole summer to yourself? Weird.

can you see a director out there?

If you’re a fanboy type of director, wouldn’t the chance to direct a Star Wars movie be the ultimate of your career? The kind of thing you’d dream of doing as a student at NYU or wherever? Yet, another fanboy has turned down the chance to direct — Guillermo Del Toro. Am I the only one starting to worry? Star Wars people should be able to pick up the phone and before even dialing, have the person they were intending to call cream “YESSSSS!!!!” In addition to the fame and attention and possible adoration, Disney would probably be driving a huge dump truck full of $100 bills and dropping it on your lawn. But here we are, more than two months after the announcement that there would be a new Star Wars movie, and there is still no director. Unless they’ve actually got one and aren’t telling anyone yet because they like the press they get from people like me writing about not having a director, which I doubt.

It’s rare that I would even think about going to a play, but Tom Hanks as a newspaper columnist? And Maura Tierney as his wife? Sign me up! Most people would say their main draw for that would be Hanks, but my massive crush on Maura Tierney that somehow continues precludes me from favoring Hanks over her.

More late teen, early 20s crush reports: Sarah Michelle Gellar could be coming back to TV with … a sitcom? Buffy was funny and everything, but, umm, I don’t see it. Unfortunately, I have to be lazy and make the only comparison I can think of off the top of my head — Elisha Cuthbert on Happy Endings. They’re both blonde and no one thought they could do comedy. But Cuthbert is knocking it out of the park on a weekly basis, so maybe Gellar can to. I’m just not seeing it right now.

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