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you owe her and the show an apology, society.

Dammit. It’s not like the writing wasn’t on the wall for Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, but it was nice to have hope when the ABC bosses backed the show a couple weeks ago at the winter press tour. Now, James Van Der Beek tweeted this …

… and Krysten Ritter tweeted this …

— krysten ritter (@Krystenritter) January 22, 2013

… and I’m first of all going to be mad that our WordPress site doesn’t embed tweets the way I’d like, and second will be angry that this show couldn’t catch on. If anyone watched it that tuned out at some point, I’d love to know why. What didn’t you like? Was it too funny? Was it too original?Are you not interested in supporting NEPA actresses? Are you just not a humorous person who instead would rather watch 2.5 Men reruns? WHAT WAS IT??? Hopefully we will at some point get to see those final eight episodes, maybe in a summer burn-off or something. This isn’t good news for Happy Endings, an even funnier show with what have to be even more peculiar reasons for no one watching it. I’ll have even more questions about the humor level of society when that gets canceled.

Debbie Downer start, so how about some more Omeletteville-type happy news — Mad Men coming back April 7! So begins the long plod to then, full of ambiguous rumors, half-truths and misdirection followed by my fawning over the show for its three months of air time. Fun for you, fun for all! I already assumed that’s when it was coming back because Walking Dead ends the week before, but it’s comforting that AMC announced it now before we all hit the RSS feed of yet another Mad Men blog that claimed it knew for sure when the show was coming back. I think I followed, like, 30 of them over the last month.

why would they make that the ending if they didn't intend to make him batman???

If you’ll keenly notice in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s statement about his rumored involvement in the Justice League movie and his future as Batman, there is no straight denial. There’s a nice little tap dance around the subject about how the rumor is stir crazy, but there is never a flat denial. This is how actors work, guys. They say things like, “That’s crazy!” and “Ha ha, yeah, sure, I’m the next Batman, ha ha” so that when it actually does happen they can say, “Well I never said it wasn’t true.” Which they didn’t. So until I see Man of Steel and see that JGL isn’t in it in some cameo at the end a la Robert Downey Jr. in The Incredible Hulk, JGL can make all the vague “denials” he wants to. All I know is: 1. I actually saw Dark Knight Rises, and if there’s no plan to make him the new Batman, they sure as &%#@! fooled me and 2. DC would want some kind of continuity leading into the Justice League movie. They’d get that from the Superman and Batman movies.

Speaking of Man of Steel, it got a PG-13 rating, as if that’s any kind of surprise. How could they even make it R? Have Superman snap Zod’s neck, then whip it out and pee on his shallow grave? A full frontal, non-simulated sex scene with Amy Adams? I wouldn’t even want to see an R-rated Superman.

And other very minimal super hero summer movie news — Iron Man 3 will be in IMAX. Because no way did anyone think it would be, not with Avengers setting all kinds of records, partly because it was in IMAX, right?

Bruce Willis will be headed back to Sin City in the sequel coming out in October even though it sure seemed like he kinda sorta died in the first one. Looks like there will be another Marv story, but it centers on what Marv did while Willis’s cop Hartigan was stuck in jail. Guess that means it will be kind of cameo or something? Used for time continuation? Isn’t the bigger question, “Why is Robert Rodriguez still making casting decisions for a movie coming out in October?” Seems a little late, no? Shouldn’t this thing be getting pretty close to wrapped up so it can premiere at Cannes or have a good full-length trailer ready to be in front of Iron Man 3? Nope, they just added four actors this week. doesn’t seem like a good sign, especially for a movie that has been in the works for about five years. You would think they would have signed some people up in that time.

can't wait to see how they explain these two coming back.

For as convoluted as Sin City 2 is going to be when it comes to continuity and getting the story right, that’s nothing compared to what X-Men: Days of future Past is going to have to pull off. The comic story is great, it’s one of my favorites, I just have no idea how you can pull off a real-life movie with real-life actors in it when your audience expects real-life continuity. This seems like an obvious double-back on the whole rebooting thing when the movie didn’t make a zillion dollars, and in fact made less than all of the four other X-Men movies. “Fine, you don’t like our cast, we’ll give you the old cast, but we saw the treatment, and we can’t make heads or tails of it. Just sayin’. But hey, at least Anna Paquin and Shawn Ashmore are back, right!” This might be a whole other blog post, “20 Potential Continuity Goofs the New X-Men Movie Won’t Possibly Be Able to Explain.”

While my attention is on tonight’s AHS: Asylum season finale and next week’s30 Rock series finale, it’s also time to start looking to The Office finale. Easily one of my 10 favorite sitcoms of all time, and probably the one I feel the most affinity for, I’m going to be downright sad to see it go. Hey, maybe we should start thinking about an Office finale party at a bar around town somewhere when it airs in May? Would anyone be interested in that? If enough people say they’re interested, I’ll make the arrangements. Hit me up if you might be interested.

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