Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide Returns

Sorry I’ve missed this for a couple weeks, though I doubt anyone lost sleep over it. Anyway, here’s your first weekend of March Weekend Fun Guide. I get to be really happy and not very sarcastic in this one, which is a welcome change of pace:

what a shock! flyin' blind is playing in the poconos this weekend! all that means is we're lucky.

A couple months ago, we got pretty worried ’round here about what was looking like the beginning of the end for live music in the Poconos, especially in the ‘Burgs. Since then, things are picking up rather nicely, thanks very much. In fact, two of the places that decided to drop live music are bringing it back, at least temporarily, this weekend. The Jim Roberti Band is at Siamsa in Stroudsburg tonight after it decided to scrap its upstairs live music idea, and then FOPR band Flyin’ Blind is at Whispers on West Main Street in Stroudsburg on Saturday. Best part about the Siamsa event? No cover. Perfect way to get people interested in bringing live music back.

Wait, that’s not all! The new ownership/management (not sure which) at Big Daddy’s in Bartonsville is trying its hand at live music too, and the cool thing is that these seem like new bands they’re getting. New bands! That’s always fun. Perhaps the demise of live music in the Stroudsburg area has been greatly exaggerated. Friday night the bar has Big Things, and OK, they’re not new, but some of the bands they’ve been getting are new.

And let’s not forget Panda Pub in Marshalls Creek, the new sports bar in the Four Seasons on Route 209, which looks like it’s committed to having at least one live band a week. Its band this on Saturday is a newcomer to the scene too, Gina Giordano and her band. The show goes on Saturday from 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., and they’ve also got a DJ tonight and a free happy hour buffet after work today.

New venue, new live music. Newberry’s Yard of Ale at the old Mollie’s on Main Street in Stroudsburg just opened last week, so why not add its name to a list of places where you can find live music. Kris Sherer is up tonight with an acoustic set.

And another live music destination, FOPR Joe O’Malley is playing at Peppe’s Bistro in the Eagle Valley Mall from 7:30 to 10:30 tonight.  It’s official, I’ll keep my big yapper shut the next time I get worried about live music on the bar scene around here.

So thanks bar owners, for keeping live music going around here and not subjecting us to every bar crowd breaking out into spontaneous Harlem Shake renditions, which, after this, I’m soooooo over. Who’da thunk I’d be longing for the days of Gangnam Style already?

Something else I’ve been clamoring for — better acts at Mount Airy. The casino’s been coming through lately, and have another good show on tap for Saturday with west coast 90s alt-rock from Everclear. Mount Airy certainly seems to be cementing themselves as a the place to go to find mediocre 90s alt-rock bands. That’s not a dig, I swear, it’s actually a compliment because I love mediocre 90s alt-rock bands. How far away is Toad the Wet Sprocket from signing on for a gig there? Can’t be too far away, right? I would define Everclear as the ultimate “like, don’t love” band for me. I wouldn’t pay $55 for the ticket, but if I was at a bar and a cover band played Santa Monica, I’d be up dancing and singing every word.

my eyes! my EYES!!!

Madd Anthony’s in kinda Blakeslee is doing another stop light party at 9 p.m. Saturday, which I doubt anyone remembers, but I completely endorse. I think the whole thing is hysterical. I’ve never done one, but holy hell it would be funny to people watch that whole thing. Especially the people wearing yellow, those poor b@stards will have about as much fun as listening to a 24-hour Morrissey music marathon. You know what the best conversation piece would be? Wear black. Or blue. You’ll have drunk people crawling all over you all night bewildered out of their gords asking, “Wait, so what exactly does it mean that you’re wearing purple?” And you can come up with some clever comeback like, “You’ve never seen the traffic lights in Albrightsville, have you?” Then you share a laugh and away you go. I just helped anywhere between 10 and 15 people hook up tomorrow. In a related note, I think I just had a seizure when I did a Google image search for “traffic light party.” Seriously, someone might want to call 9-1-1 for me.

The Living Room at the Sherman Theater just keeps coming up with cool ideas for their shows, they’re doing a great job. On Saturday it’s all about pop culture, with any kind of artwork under that theme accepted to be displayed for the show from 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday. There are also two singers performing, locals Jesse Morales and Theomar Chakey Francois performing at 6:30. After that it’s the first karaoke night for the Living Room, because why not? Now here’s the fun part — they’re asking people to dress up as your favorite pop culture icon. Whoooooaaaaa Nelly, now you’re speakin’ my language. In a heartbeat, I’d go Zack Morris dressing exactly like this picture. Find one of those crazy 80s cell phones, and you’re golden. You’re welcome. That’s another person I just helped hook up on Saturday, because trust me, you’ll be beating them off with a stick.

still looks pretty angry to me.

Comedian Jim Norton is coming back to Poconuts today and tomorrow with two shows each day from 8 to 10 p.m. at comedy club in Pocono Brewing Company on Route 611 in Swiftwater. Pretty sure this is his third time there, off the top of my head. The first time he was there I interviewed him for some publicity, and he seemed like a pretty cool guy, up for anything. I don’t think I’ve heard anything differently about him, and have heard he puts on a good, fun show. As long as you don’t bring your kids, that is. Tickets are $20, which seems pretty reasonable for a comic talent like Norton at a comedy club in the Poconos. On a separate note, this is Week Three of my self-imposed exile from happy hour at PBC, because I just don’t trust myself around free wings on a Lenten Friday.Then the first post-Lent week I’ll be heading to Philly for Opening Day, so that’s an extra week without wings. I might lose 20 pounds by the time this whole thing is over.

Wow, are you in luck if you like chili this weekend. Saturday is the 25th annual chili cook-off at Daniels Top-O-the-Poconos Family Resort from 1 to 5 p.m. in Canadensis, and then Sunday is yet another chili cook-off from noon to 4 p.m. at Ehrhardt’s Waterfront Resort on Route 507 on Lake Wallenpaupack. Oh, and the Ehrardt’s one is throwing in wings too. Holy geez, what are they trying to do, smoke the tourists out of the Poconos? Daniels and Ehrhardt’s aren’t necessarily that far away from each other, maybe about 20 miles by way of Route 390. The poor people who live half way, like around Promised Land State Park, could be in for quiet a Sunday night. Close those windows up tight if you live around there!

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