And Finally … Our Own Parade Weekend

Stroudsburg Parade Day on Sunday, y’all. It may not be as flashy as some of its brethren, and it may be on a Sunday, so that makes it a little harder to get completely crazy, but dammit, it’s Parade Day!

if this guy got drunk, it would be ugly.

And sadly, it’s the last of our three-week celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t see Scranton doing its parade a full 10 days before St. Pat’s Day next year, so we’re stuck going back to a measly two weeks of St. Patrick’s Day boozing next year. Booooooo.

But you know what I found? No one has their specials up yet on their FB pages! I haven’t put out the call for what everyone is doing, so we’re not going to be able to do much for who has what going on. Sorry. Basically, head down Main Street, find a bar, then go somewhere else. Repeat. See if you can make it down to Rudy’s in East Stroudsburg, they’re opening at 10. So you may want to switch it up and start there, it might make the walk over the bridge a little bit easier if you do.

Here’s what else is going on this weekend anyway:

You’re too late for AWOLNATION tickets from me, I’m about to pick a winner. That doesn’t mean you can’t get over to the Sherman Theater and buy them tonight! As I’ve said this week, I’m a big fan of the three singles AWOLNATION has put out on its debut album, and I’m glad the band is finally getting some mainstream love too. Plus, now that I’ve interview lead singer Aaron Burno, he seems like a pretty decent guy, so I like them a little more now.

Just in case AWOLNATION isn’t your thing, but you had your heart set on going to the Sherman tonight, it’s your lucky day! The Living Room just keeps finding local original bands and putting them on stage (what a concept!) and they’re getting three more tonight. Awesome to see.

the only known picture of these guys without someone in a kilt.

Another cool show coming to the Sherman Theater — Dropkick Murphys on June 11, the tickets just went on sale, and I’d imagine they’ll sell out today or tomorrow. Too bad we couldn’t get them for Sunday, but something tells me their March slate is pretty booked.

Three semi-local Dave Matthews Band tickets went on sale this afternoon too, one at the Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain in Moosic, another at Bethel Woods in New York and PNC Arts Center in New Jersey. How long will it be before we can start making “Dave Matthews is still touring at his age?” the way we do about Springsteen, Ozzy and Jimmy Buffet? He’s 46 now, so in 2027 — when he’ll still be touring at all the same outdoor venues he’ll do every year between now and then — he’ll be 60. Is that good enough? Can we start earlier? I’d like to request 2022, please, when he gets his AARP card. Can we all agree on that? Good to see the summer shows coming out though, makes me already feel warmer.

remember -- this is what happens at the end of pond skimming. lots and lots of cold water.

But let’s not kick winter to the curb just yet. Camelback is starting to wind down for the season, and when they do, that usually means packing as much stuff into the weekends to let people know, “Hey, we’re still HERE!!!” Plus, they have to combat with the parade on Sunday, soooo … let’s have a party! The mountain is doing parking lot parties Saturday and Sunday going all morning, it’s doing pond skimming on Saturday and then on Sunday it’s the annual cardboard box derby. That’s right, people take hours out of their lives, paint a cardboard box up into some crazy designs, try to get it to go down a hill, then crash it. Skiers and snowboards are just different kinds of people.

I’ll go on record and say that I’ve never heard of Boris Garcia. But judging from his logo for his show tonight at Sarah Street, and the fact that he’s playing at Sarah Street, and his name may or may not actually be “Garcia,” I’m gonna go ahead and say he mainly hits the genre of … hip-hop and rap! Just kidding. This screams jam band/Dead cover band if I’ve ever seen it. I could be totally off. But I’m 99.9999999999 percent sure I’m not.

yeah, who am i kidding. sign me up.

So here’s something new. The Blue Tequila in Minisink Hills is doing a “Bunny Party,” nodding to the fact that Easter is only about a week away. How are they celebrating? By asking women to dress up in sexy bunny outfits, of course! Because nothing says “resurrection of Jesus” like a Playboy bunny outfit. That being said … what time does it start? Oh, 9:30. OK, sweet.

Hey, guess what? Joe O’Malley is playing around here this weekend! And hold on to your hats, but so is Flyin’ Blind! I know, I’m as shocked as you are! We kid. But these guys have been playing around here for years — and they keep getting gigs every weekend, without fail. What’s that tell ya? Need help? THEY’RE GOOD! So check ’em out. While we’re at it, on the topic of good bands you’re still dying to see even though you’ve seen them 20 times already in the last five years, 3 is at the Jubilee in Pocono Pines on Saturday night starting at 10, and the Who Knows Band is at Panda’s Pub in Marshalls Creek at 9 p.m. tonight.

There are some different choices out there though, like at the Original Pocono Pub on Saturday. Stealin’ Time is in there starting at 9:30. What’s with all these bands dropping the “g”? Fylin’ Blind. Stealin’ Time. I hate to be the grammar patrol here — actually I don’t, I kinda live for it — but g’s are there for a reason. I have no idea what that reason is because I can’t remember the last time I used one on an -ing word, but still. We can at least write them.

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