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Mad Men Says Nothing — And Everything

Mad Men does loads of things better than just about any show on television. But something it never seems to get credit for is its consistently excellent use of nothingness — no music, no sound effects, no dialogue — to convey its most emotional moments. Ahead of Sunday’s two-hour season six premiere — on AMC […]

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The Perfect Oscars Host Has Been Built Already

Links: Done and done. I’m pretty pissed off I didn’t think of this before, that Justin Timberlake should be hosting the 2014 Oscars. You can rack your brain for a week and you won’t come up with a better candidate. Let’s go through some facts: 1. He’s universally adored by every woman on the planet. […]

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Porter to be on The Voice Premiere Tonight

Sorry guys, weird schedule today, so I don’t have much time to post. But I can’t let it go without mentioning that it looks like Stroudsburg musician Christian Porter will be on The Voice tonight, and he gets quite the reception from the judges on the show. Shakira even calls him “sexy.” When Shakira calls […]

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Your St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Fun Guide

I’m officially convinced that people will find any excuse to get drunk, and that they feel like they need to. I have no idea why. Maybe as a good justification to get a baby-sitter? “Yeah, can you watch them on Sunday? It’s St. Patrick’s Day, after all. I’m going to get loaded.” I never did. […]

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No Fun Guide Friday

Sorry guys, I’m off and won’t have time to post, so there won’t be a Poconos Weekend Fun Guide this week. That doesn’t mean there isn’t stuff going on, it just means you gotta fund it yourself!

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Contest time!

Haven’t done a contest in a while, so let’s bust one out with a pretty quick turnaround. I grew up on late 80s-early 90s rap. I ate it all up because I thought it was the only form of music doing anything different. Yo! MTV Raps was required daily viewing for me, and that’s where […]

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Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

You know the routine. Hit me here or here if you want to have an event listed here. And make sure you let me know about what the best Super Bowl parties are the Poconos are going to be too: OK, so this probably as far on the spectrum as you can possibly get at […]

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Keeping Warm in the Winter with TV and Movies

(This is a preview of Sunday’s PopRox column in the Pocono Record.) When you live in northeast Pennsylvania, you’re used to hunkering down in the winter, boarding up the windows and doors and hoping you don’t have to go outside for any other reason than a beer run. Luckily, TV and movies are around to […]

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2013: Hopefully Not “The Year of Meh”

(This is an early preview of the PopRox column in Sunday’s paper.) Did you ever feel that a “Like” button on Facebook just isn’t good enough? Me too. We need more choices. How about “Like,” “Meh” and “Dislike”? That just about covers it, right? It works for my latest column gimmick, at least, going over […]

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Or Maybe the Golden Globes Just Forgot About Mad Men???

No one should get this pissed off over a silly awards show that is considered more party than awards anyway. The Golden Globes are the only place in Hollywood, and maybe the only non-wedding reception situation, where it’s acceptable to go in front of tens of millions of people on live TV while you’re poopfaced […]

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