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Don’t See Phantom Menace in the Theaters. Please.

The last thing anyone should ever do is tell someone how to spend their money. There are times when I’m compelled to inform people where their money is actually going, how it’s going to be used and why it’s being taken out of their pocket in the first place,┬ábut that’s for information purposes. You can […]

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The New Halloween Movie Champ

Monday links: There can’t be more than five or six fans of Saw left out there, but those who are will be disappointed to learn it now has been officially supplanted as the Halloween franchise of hollywood’s choice. That mantle now belongs solely to Paranormal Activity after it just set an October opening weekend record […]

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Is 3-D Over Already?

Second warning — the next PopRox live chat is coming next Friday at noon. That means next week I’ll be reminding you pretty much every day, so be ready for that. Another live blog warning: If you’re a live blog fan, or a NASCAR fan, or both, we’ve got a couple going this weekend for […]

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Conan’s new home of the Braves

We’ve got a new home for Coney! Conan O’Brien has announced he’s going to TBS in a five-year deal at the network starting in November. He’ll start at 11 p.m. and George Lopez, the newest late-night show that started in November, will move to midnight. It’s the rarest of rare deals in Hollywood, where everyone […]

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Clash of the 3-D theaters

A little giddy thinking about Opening Day today, so if I’m a little scatter-brained, please forgive. Score another win for 3-D — even if we here in Monroe County have to drive a half-hour or 45 minutes to see any movies in the new format. Clash of the Titans, which was converted to 3-D after […]

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