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TV Shows That May (Or May Not) Be Coming to a Theater Near You

We’re living in an age where just because a TV show gets canceled — or is about to be canceled — that doesn’t mean it’s dead. Shows can take the DirecTV route (Friday Night Lights, Damages), the canceled-but-resurrected road (Breaking In) or the ever-popular, hardly ever working online petition chance. None of those is more popular […]

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It Was a Very Good Year

PopRox live chat. Tomorrow. Noon. Right here. Come one, come all, we’re answering burning pop culture questions all afternoon, so anything that’s on your mind, stop by and I’ll answer it for you. Even if I don’t know the answer, I’ll make something up. Feel free to start emailing questions in and I’ll answer them in […]

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Tales of the Spineless

I try to stay to a schedule of Monday-Wednesday-Friday, but there are times like last Friday when I get held up in court all day. It just happens that way sometimes. So sorry I missed the blog on Friday. Time to catch up on a ton of stuff: If you’re like me, you were watching […]

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Hangin’ at The Office

It’s safe to say Stroudsburg High School grad Danny Chun is living the life I would have loved to lead. He’s been in Hollywood for six years, and in that time, he’s written and produced The Simpsons, and for the last year, he’s on the writing staff of The Office. He also had the honor of […]

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