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The End of Desperate Housewives

ZZ Top. Free Tickets. Aug. 20, Mountain Laurel. You handle the rest. Links: Good news for people who like good movies! That’s all of us, by the way. Planet of the Apes, buoyed by reviews that went out of its way to give the overriding message of, “It actually doesn’t suck, you know, like some other […]

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Goo Goo Dolls and Selena Gomez Tickets up for Grabs

This is always the busiest day of the PopRox calendar, catching up with everything that happened at Comic-Con. Two quick reminders: 1. We’re getting in a lot of entries for the Selena Gomez tickets for Aug. 5 at Bethel Woods. Make sure you jump on this bandwagon pretty quickly, the deadline is Thursday to enter, here […]

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State of the TV, Part 1

We’re about to get into November Sweeps hardcore in the next couple of days, so you know what that means … Guest stars! Deaths! Births! Hook-ups! Crazy plot twists that seem so unbelievable you’d think Stephen King had been hired as showrunner! That’s what sweeps are all about — doing something so outlandishly loud you can’t […]

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