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Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

You know the drill: Normally when I write this every week, I feel old. I still love going to bars and checking out bands, but I’m usually either 1. The oldest one there or 2. Just feel like the oldest one there. Apparently 37 is a weird age, too old to hang out with the […]

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TV’s Second Season Starts Tonight

When we weren’t looking, January became the second coming of September on the TV calendar. Don’t ask how it happened — it just did. It’s like there was some meeting in a secret mountain location known as The Meadows where the Queen, the Vatican, the Gettys, the Rothschilds and Colonel Sanders all decided there shouldn’t just […]

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A First Time for Everything. Like Talking About American Idol.

Sorry no PopRox yesterday. I’ll be back tomorrow, have a quick-hitter Thursday, then we’re live-chattin’ at noon Friday. Thursday I’m going to post the live chat expectations after some of the problems we had last time, too. And I will now start the shameless and constant Facebook and Twitter reminders. As always in Friday’s chat, I’ll be […]

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