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Oh, the Cleverness of Titles like “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Links: To think The Hobbit wouldn’t have been the hit it already is or have the opening weekend it had would be nuts. For whatever reason, it’s not resonating with critics, with one even daring to mention the unthinkable of prequels, Star Wars. That’s like jinxing Picaso from ever painting again. Getting $84 million is […]

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Dumb and Dumber and Dumber and Dumber (and Dumber, etc.)

So the schedule around here has been completely shot the last few weeks for a variety of reason I won’t bother you with. I try to stay on a Monday-Wednesday-Thursday (Sunday column preview)-Friday (Weekend Fun Guide) schedule, but it just hasn’t happened lately. Yesterday it was because I got stuck at the track all afternoon. […]

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should you be watching the new shows?

When exactly did January become September’s long-lost sister when it comes to the TV calendar? Somehow, my TV plate is just as full — and maybe even more full — now than it is during the traditional season premiere time of September. I think it started with 24 and American Idol premiering in January and […]

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