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Where Movies Go to Die

Short and sweet links, Walking Dead review at the bottom so you can avoid it if you haven’t seen it yet: Not a good weekend for Brad Pitt. Killing Them Softly decided it wanted to go toe-to-toe with Cloud Atlas for the title of biggest bomb of the fall — hard thing to do — […]

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Top 20 Movies for 2011 (and the Worst)

A quick note: Live chat! Live chat! We’re doing to live online chat thing Friday at 11 a.m., if you haven’t heard. If you’ve never hung out at one of the live chats, I take my cues directly from you guys. Whatever you want to talk about it what we’ll talk about. We’ve got Oscars on […]

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Awards Season Overload is On. Oh, It’s So On.

It’s gonna be tough to skip away from Awards Season at this point, especially with Golden Globes nominations on Thursday, (I’ll be blogging that morning with reactions, btw). I’ll make every effort to do it, sorry in advance if this blog gets too bogged down in silly awards that consider themselves a precursor to Oscar success, but […]

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American Horror Story, Moneyball and Your Holiday Weekend Fun Guide

Two quick reviews, some other quick links, then on to the local links because it’s a big weekend. AMERICAN HORROR STORY (10 p.m. Wednesdays, FX): Horror/slasher/torture porn movies do nothing for me. They don’t scare me, they don’t keep me up at night, they don’t give me bad dreams. You know what movies give me bad […]

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