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Wrong Number on Ringer

A word of pre-warning, there is an additional warning at the bottom. But in my review for Ringer further down the page, I give away the twist ending. And I don’t feel even remotely bad about it. I just want to make sure everyone knows it’s coming. Links: Remaking classic movies is one thing, it tends […]

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Fox, NBC Announce Primetime Lineups

We’re late this afternoon, but we’ve now got two 2011-12 primetime schedules to dissect: FOX GONE: Running Wilde, Good Guys, Lone Star, Traffic Light, Chicago Code, Human Target, Breaking In, Lie to Me, America’s Most Wanted BUBBLE SHOWS THAT MADE IT: Fringe, Bob’s Burgers COMING IN: Dramas Terra Nova (8 p.m. Mondays), 2.5 hours of […]

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State of the TV, Part 1

We’re about to get into November Sweeps hardcore in the next couple of days, so you know what that means … Guest stars! Deaths! Births! Hook-ups! Crazy plot twists that seem so unbelievable you’d think Stephen King had been hired as showrunner! That’s what sweeps are all about — doing something so outlandishly loud you can’t […]

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NBC and Fox First for Upfronts; Brothers and Sisters Finale Watch

Late today, sorry. I toyed with not even posting today, but there is too much going on. There is a spoiler-filled Brothers and Sisters finale review at the bottom: NBC had two options going into next year’s TV season when they unveiled their schedule today. It could either start the rebuilding process from being the […]

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Bubble Show Report: The Calm Before the Storm

Figuring out what network TV shows will be back next year and which shows won’t is kind of like figuring out what teams will be in the NCAA Tournament and what ones won’t. You’ve got your top tier of shows that you know are safe whether or not they win their conference tournaments. They’ve got the […]

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grammy round up

So I watched a decent chunk of the Grammys last night. And by decent chunk, I mean I saw about three full performances and parts of about three or four others. Some thoughts: –Does the younger generation even know who Stevie Nicks is? And when I say young generation, I’m specifically talking about Taylor Swift. Did they […]

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tv bonanza, part 2

We’re officially back in the PopRox swing. Two days in a row! Remember, this is our new home. So if you have this page bookmarked, make sure you update it. Hope you like the new look, and as always, if you have any comments or questions about any of the changes, just e-mail me. Keep […]

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