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Black Friday Updates All Morning Friday!

Three cool days coming up here. Tonight is the biggest bar night of the year, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, designed to be the most laid-back holiday of them all and Friday is Black Friday, which has become an unofficial holiday around here because of all the shopping and all the prior arrangements that need to be […]

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Joss Whedon to The Avengers? It could work, but …

Catching up with some links: The Avengers is the hottest property in Hollywood right now. It’s going to have the biggest opening weekend in movie history when it comes out in May 2012, it’s going to make stars of anyone who’s in it and whoever directs it will be able to direct and produce anything they […]

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you don’t need to read/watch twilight to know it’s stupid

I hate Twilight, even though I’ve never seen Twilight. I’ve never read the books. I am, after all, a man in his mid-30s. Reading one word of Twilight holds about the same appeal to me at this point repeating senior year calculus. I think I might have held one of the books once when my wife got […]

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