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The New Halloween Movie Champ

Monday links: There can’t be more than five or six fans of Saw left out there, but those who are will be disappointed to learn it now has been officially supplanted as the Halloween franchise of hollywood’s choice. That mantle now belongs solely to Paranormal Activity after it just set an October opening weekend record […]

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The World Doesn’t Have to End for Two and a Half Men

Even though it seems like the world revolves around Charlie Sheen these days, it doesn’t. Everyone is replaceable in the world of television, shows have been doing it for years when real-life drama overtakes what happens on screen. Sheen should know this since he was the replacement in one of the most-publicized TV departures of […]

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The Best TV Theme Songs You Don’t Remember

It’s a bonus blog post! Or we can go the Blossom route and say it’s a Very Special Blog Post. Blossom is a good place to start, because going over a recent 40 Best TV Theme Songs of All Time, there are some glaring omissions. Well, maybe not omissions, because it’s hard to argue with […]

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