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It’s True. We Saw All Those Boobs.

Leftover Oscar thoughts: What’s worse, the chauvinistic We Saw Your Boobs song Seth MacFarlane belted out, or the fact that I knew all those movies for those specific nudity-related reasons and thought the list was incomplete and flawed? Why did he go with Monster’s Ball for Halle Berry instead of Swordfish? And Brokeback Mountain for […]

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Dark Knight, Prometheus, Dare Invade Sacred Avengers Week

Welcome to Avengers Week! Wait, I’m the only one calling it that? Weird. Anyway, I’ve already had like four straight weeks of Avengers news in every blog, so it’s not like anything is changing, right? Right. You won’t be able to swing a dead cat around the Internet for the next five days without getting some Avengers news. […]

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Awards Season Primer

You’re never quite ready for Awards Season. It’s a dizzying five months of movies. From October to December, two or three new Oscar contenders are released into theaters every week. From the end of November to February, every movie-watching organization in the country releases their own versions of the awards. It’s a taxing, exciting, redundant, spectacular […]

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