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The Death of the Action Star

Lost in the midst of everyone popping a boner for how awesome it is that Liam Neeson has turned himself into an action star (including me) is that no one has asked the question: Wait, how the hell did a 60-year-old thespian who looks like my dad at my college graduation just become one of […]

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Oscar Picks, and Charlie Sheen is Untouchable

Before we get to Oscar picks: Apparently all it takes to get me interested in this Charlie Sheen thing is him standing over the CBS studios with an atomic bomb in his back pocket laughing manically while he thinks about dropping — and then does.¬†For the last couple months, I couldn’t have cared less about […]

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Is The King’s Speech Really the Good Will Hunting Prequel?

Just so I can manage to get one more plug in, don’t forget about the PopRox live chat tomorrow morning starting at 11 a.m. We’re going to be talking all things Oscar since the nominations come out at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. We’re not bounding ourselves to Oscar talk, but that’s probably where most of the […]

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