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New Dark Knight Trailer, the Return of Daria and Another New Trailer That Might Interest You

Felt like posting a lot of video today, enjoy. Sorry if it takes a while to load on your phone. Dammit, MTV! That’s dirty pool! After bringing back new episodes of Beavis and Butthead last year, you shouldn’t put out press releases saying how you’re bringing back Daria. People immediately assume you’re making new episodes […]

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Bane is Crazier Than the Joker! Promise! Really, We Mean It!

Some random thoughts on the latest (and maybe last) Dark Knight Rises trailer … • It’s pretty freakin’ good. It sticks to the tone of the first two movies while not completely abandoning the action, something Dark Knight did remarkably well. We’re getting a good look at how Catwoman is going to play into the story, […]

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