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The Unanswered Questions of Hoosiers

When someone asks me what my favorite movie is, I’ll usually roll off four or five movies — Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Die Hard, Jedi, Real Genius — hoping I don’t have to narrow it down. When I do, my answer is always the movie I have watched more times than any other, a movie […]

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A First Time for Everything. Like Talking About American Idol.

Sorry no PopRox yesterday. I’ll be back tomorrow, have a quick-hitter Thursday, then we’re live-chattin’ at noon Friday. Thursday I’m going to post the live chat expectations after some of the problems we had last time, too. And I will now start the shameless and constant Facebook and Twitter reminders. As always in Friday’s chat, I’ll be […]

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Appreciating Dennis Hopper

The reports are that Dennis Hopper isn’t going to be around much longer, and though many people don’t even realize it, that means we’re going to be losing one of the great movie men of the last 40+ years. So it’s good that someone took the time to make sure while he’s still alive that […]

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The 80s are alive again

(If you’re having trouble viewing any of the videos in Explorer, please let me know. You may have to use Firefox or Chrome to see them. Sorry.)  Hollywood is sounding like Goat Boy from Saturday Night Live right now. Hey, remember the 80s? Hollywood sure does. Over the next eight months, you’re about to be slammed […]

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