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As Long as The Sequels Are Being Made, Let’s Make Good Ones

(This is a preview and extended version of the PopRox Sunday column that appears in the Pocono Record.) It’s been nine years since we saw American Wedding, but that didn’t stop Hollywood from coming up with this weekend’s American Reunion. Dumb and Dumber came out in 1994, but in 2013, we could see Jim Carrey […]

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Time to Decide on the New Shows

Bonus big blog today, gotta clear some stuff out today I’ve been meaning to get to: My theory has always been that you need to give a new TV show at least four episodes before you can comfortably say, “This sucks.” My three proudest, most recent “stick with it” shows — Mad Men, 30 Rock and Community. Mad […]

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Catch-Up Friday and the best movie montages

Right to the links, in somewhat lightning round fashion so you have time to have fun with the YouTube clips at the bottom. I know I had fun finding them: Man, it’s been, like, what, a couple months since George Lucas announced his latest way to scam us out of money? We’re due for another one […]

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