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George Lucas Doesn’t Have Any Middle Fingers Left to Give Us

(This is an extended preview of the PopRox column in Sunday’s Pocono Record. We usually do this on Thursdays, but hopefully when you read this, you’ll realize why I felt the need to get this out ASAP. Eff you, George Lucas.) I wanted to joke. I wanted to open this column with a somewhat witty joke [...]

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The Comic Genius Discovered Too Late

Three things you might not realize about Leslie Nielsen, the comic spoof movie genius who died Sunday: –He was Canadian. Never had a clue. –He was a perpetrator of one of my least favorite TV tricks — he played different guest characters on the same TV shows. Not just little shows either, we’re talkin’ shows like [...]

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Paring Down the Awards Shows

Thanks to everyone that stopped by the third PopRox live chat Friday! Always a good time, for me at least. Next one is scheduled for Sept. 3. Today’s links: There are too many awards shows. We know that. So just in case you were wondering, here’s how you know an awards show is about as [...]

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Catching up with Anniversaries

pac man, empire strikes back, Thanks to everyone who checked out the first PopRox chat yesterday, I had a blast, even though I found out I have a stalker. Talking about TV and movies is probably the best way I can think of to boss-approved kill two hours of the work day. There were a couple [...]

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