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Contest time!

Haven’t done a contest in a while, so let’s bust one out with a pretty quick turnaround. I grew up on late 80s-early 90s rap. I ate it all up because I thought it was the only form of music doing anything different. Yo! MTV Raps was required daily viewing for me, and that’s where […]

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Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

Today’s Poconos Weekend Fun Guide comes with the bonus of me revealing a lasting memory I have with certain events, people or ideas that I’m writing about this week. It’s pretty weird, but it seemed to be happening a bunch so I turned it into a gimmick: When did Oktoberfest become the biggest thing EVER? […]

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Your Music-Heavy Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

If last weekend was the one of big events, then this weekend has some great musicĀ on the way: Guess what!?!?!? This might be the first year that we haven’t gotten some kind of call saying the COTA Festival is in danger of shutting down forever because the event. Either that’s good news and there is […]

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