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Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide Returns

Sorry I’ve missed this for a couple weeks, though I doubt anyone lost sleep over it. Anyway, here’s your first weekend of March Weekend Fun Guide. I get to be really happy and not very sarcastic in this one, which is a welcome change of pace: A couple months ago, we got pretty worried ’round […]

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2013: Hopefully Not “The Year of Meh”

(This is an early preview of the PopRox column in Sunday’s paper.) Did you ever feel that a “Like” button on Facebook just isn’t good enough? Me too. We need more choices. How about “Like,” “Meh” and “Dislike”? That just about covers it, right? It works for my latest column gimmick, at least, going over […]

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Let Oscar Season Begin. Wait, Not You, Resident Evil

Programming note: Gonna be doing some live Tweeting tonight from the @poconorecord account. We are starting a panel of local people who will help us comment on the presidential election for the next seven weeks, and tonight we’re hosting a round table discussion of some of the people who are on that panel. I’ll be […]

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