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Oh, Those Golden Globes, Oh, Those Golden Globes …

Happy Golden Globes Nominations Day everyone! What, I’m the only one that celebrates it? Anyway, Golden Globe nominees are out now, signaling the official beginning of Awards Season. Everything up until this point has been Memorial Day. It’s hot, we have it off, but it’s not really summer. Golden Globes Nominations Day is like June 21 — […]

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Awards Season Primer

You’re never quite ready for Awards Season. It’s a dizzying five months of movies. From October to December, two or three new Oscar contenders are released into theaters every week. From the end of November to February, every movie-watching organization in the country releases their own versions of the awards. It’s a taxing, exciting, redundant, spectacular […]

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Movie Catch-Up of 2010, Part 2

Big news! It’s been a couple months since we did one because the interest was starting to die off, but there will be a PopRox live chat at 11 a.m. Tuesday to talk about the Oscar nominations. The ceremony to announce the awards is 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. So watch the ceremony or read about it, digest all […]

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Rescue Me from Boredom

Two reminders, the same two reminders we’ll have all week: Reminder 1: The season finale of Rescue Me is tonight. Just kidding. The actual reminder is that we’re doing another PopRox live chat Friday at noon. We’ve had fun with these so far, so we’re going to keep doing them as long as it stays […]

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Trailer Day

Here’s your first reminder/warning, of which there will be plenty more — another PopRox chat is coming. We’re all set for Aug. 6 at noon, a week from Friday. I’m gonna lay down some ground rules next week so we don’t get a repeat of the July 2 chat, just so we know what you […]

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TV Shows That Need to Be on DVD

Hope everyone had a wild — but safe — Fourth of July. I’m still having involuntary spasms in my neck, which I’m blaming on being traumatized from the constant boom of fireworks around my house Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. I’m shocked that so many people have access to highly illegal and dangerous fireworks, but hey, […]

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Oscar picks not as hard as usual — 10 movies or not

Making Oscar picks is hard. Kind of like how hard it’s going to be for Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin to make a cohesive, thoughtful joke Sunday night. First, you have to see all the movies. Then you have to formulate your own opinions on those movies. Then you watch all the other awards shows to […]

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