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Your Quick Guide to the Biggest Categories at the Emmys

(This is an extended version of the PopRox Sunday column in the Pocono Record.) The Emmys will never have the anticipation or pageantry of the Oscars, but seeing as some of the best acting is being done on television, these awards can sometimes mean just as much as an Oscar. So as Hollywood starts taking […]

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New TV Show Reviews (Before They’re on TV)

(This is an extended preview of Sunday’s PopRox column in the Pocono Record. I have nothing else quippy to say.) Thank you OnDemand! Thank you Internet! Thank you networks who see the power of those mediums to push your new TV shows! Now simple viewers like us can sit back, relax and check out select […]

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Moral Questions: Penn State, Dark Knight Rises, WWE Raw and … American Horror Story?

A quick Penn State diversion: In sixth grade in 1987, I did a report on NCAA investigations and penalties. You know, those silly little things sixth-grade teachers did to get you to practice research, become familiar with bibliographies, all that nonsense. The longest part of the report was about SMU’s death penalty, and how it […]

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Picking the Emmy Wishlist

(This is an extended preview of the PopRox column coming in Sunday’s Pocono Record. And don’t forget, I’ve got two tickets to give away to the Dark Knight Rises premiere party July 19 at the Pocono Community Theater. Enter the contest now, the deadline is Tuesday!) It may not be as glitzy as the Oscar […]

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Getting More Worried about Spider-Man …

Ziggy Marley, Ziggy Marley, Ziggy Marley. Ziggy. Marley. We’ve got Ziggy Marley tickets at The Mount to give away for the June 15 show, step up and get ’em while you can! If you don’t know yet, you can go here for all of the entry information and rules. Links: I’ve never seen the Critics […]

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Heh Heh. The Breaking Bad Finale Was Called “Face Off.” Get It?

Just so everyone knows, when I write those Sunday columns that go in the paper, I write them on Thursdays. This one, actually, I had to write on Wednesday. After that, I have no control of what happens. So if you read Sunday’s column and thought, “Wait, didn’t I hear that The Simpsons contract thing […]

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