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Oscar Nominations Can Disappoint and Surprise at the Same Time

Happy Oscar Day everyone! I celebrated the same way I have for a couple years now, by making sure I was on the treadmill at the gym watching the broadcast. That way, I’d be too worried about embarrassing myself to scream out something like, “No Jonah Hill for Moneyball? Screw you Oscars!!!” It’s more peaceful […]

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Predicting the Holiday Weekend Box Office

Some programming notes. There’s a new crop of trailers that have come out in the last month, so I’m gonna be reviewing a bunch of them Wednesday. On Thursday I’m putting out my top 10 TV shows of the year list and then they’ll be in Sunday’s PopRox column in the paper. We’ll try to […]

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Too Much for a Title, Other Than Disappointing Sons of Anarchy Finale

Too … many … ideas … so I’m just going with links because a lot of stuff has piled up. Sons of Anarchy finale review down at the bottom in case you haven’t seen it yet and don’t wanna spoil it. Not that there is much exciting to spoil. This one’s long, pack a lunch. That was quick. […]

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Linking a Thursday

Some links: I’m prefectly OK that this new Criticis Choice Television Awards thing pretty much reads like my weekly viewing calendar. If that makes me snooty, so be it. Sixteen of the 20 nominated shows are in my rotation — even if I really soured on Louie by the end of the first season and […]

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