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Uh Oh … the Last Links Blog Post?

I’ve put this off as long as I could, but just so everyone knows, this is my last week at the Pocono Record. I’ve been asked to write a farewell column as my final Sunday PopRox column in the paper, so that’s where I’ll save all the mushy stuff for. I’ll post it here tomorrow, […]

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Or Maybe the Golden Globes Just Forgot About Mad Men???

No one should get this pissed off over a silly awards show that is considered more party than awards anyway. The Golden Globes are the only place in Hollywood, and maybe the only non-wedding reception situation, where it’s acceptable to go in front of tens of millions of people on live TV while you’re poopfaced […]

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If You Employ Chevy Chase, You Stink

Let’s clean out some bookmarks and get some new stuff in: This whole Chevy Chase/Community thing is just a freaking nightmare for fans who have had to sit around and watch him ruin one of the best comedies on TV from the inside out. I really, really hope he never gets another acting job, ever, […]

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Now Is the Time to Learn Who Seth MacFarlane Is

Let’s clean out my bookmarks: Remember like 10 years ago when Family Guy got canceled — twice — and no one knew the name Seth MacFarlane? Hope you enjoyed those days, because they are soooooo over. MacFarlane not only has the surprise hit of the year in his movie debut with Ted, not only does […]

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Your Poconos Weekend Fun Guide

Today’s Poconos Weekend Fun Guide comes with the bonus of me revealing a lasting memory I have with certain events, people or ideas that I’m writing about this week. It’s pretty weird, but it seemed to be happening a bunch so I turned it into a gimmick: When did Oktoberfest become the biggest thing EVER? […]

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Fall TV Preview, Part 2

If you missed part 1 of the PopRox Fall Tv Preview, check it out here. It also includes the guidelines of how this preview works, so go ahead and stop by if you need a quick primer.  THURSDAY Watching live: Vampire Diaries (8 p.m., the CW, starting 10/11), The Office (9 p.m., NBC, starting 9/20), […]

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Spoiling the Upfronts

It’s December. It’s almost Christmas. You can’t wait to get your presents and give other people theirs. Then on Dec. 10, your mom tells you, “We got you a new wallet.” On Dec. 18, your sister says, “Just so you know, I got you some new shoes.” Then on Dec. 22, five other people tell […]

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Tuesday’s TV, Retold, Again, for a Second Time

Gonna stick with a pretty enjoyable night of TV last night on PopRox-approved shows: GLEE: Maybe Ryan Murphy felt my Sue Sylvester overload kicking in. Maybe he knew I was getting a little tired of hearing those quippy one-liners come out of her mouth. So maybe he knew he needed a better foil for her, […]

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Sequels, Remakes and Books. Yeah, That’s Right. Books.

We’re low on local party links for the weekend. It’s Easter, whaddya expect? Although just so you’re aware, Warped Tour tickets for Montage go on sale today. So let’s just hit the links, there’s plenty there: How big is Hunger Games? X-Men is arranging its schedule around it. That big. Pretty weird since X-Men was the […]

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Whitney Houston, One of the Best Ever

I’m pretty sure I’ve never considered myself a Whitney Houston fan. Never hated her either. But growing up in the 80s, she couldn’t be avoided. She was everywhere, and there were completely legitimate arguments over which female singer ruled the decade, her or Madonna (Madonna in a landslide, but that’s just me). What Whitney Houston did, […]

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